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Subject: Korean mosque
chemist    5/8/2004 6:43:57 PM
Just got off a buddy of mine out at 29 Palms. He said that recently a bunch of Islmacists tried to raid police stations for weapons, hole up in the only mosque in all S. Korea, and that the S.Koreans bulldozed the mosque to end the situation. Anyone got info to corroborate or kill this rumor?
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SC29112    RE:Korean mosque   5/9/2004 1:23:42 AM
Built by Muhammad Ali - sits prominently on a hill in Itaewon. Landmark, doubt it would be bulldozed.
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ROK_Navy    RE:Korean mosque   5/9/2004 1:33:14 AM
I have not heard any bulldozer-thing against mosque in Korea. Basically, Korean society doesn't force people any religion. Islam people will be safe (no violence - no enforcement) I live in Seoul in Korea. Where did your friend get such an information?
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chemist    ROK   5/10/2004 1:41:23 AM
He's a Marine. He probably got it while swapping war stories at a bar(he'd rotated back from Iraq w/ the 3rd MAW). I didn't know whether to believe it or not. Too busy to do a real literature search on it(and it costs money to do one outside my disciplline).
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