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Subject: Looking for insight on the train explosion.
SGTObvious    4/28/2004 10:36:51 AM
Do any of our Korean members have more information or explanation for this?
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Green Dragon    RE:Looking for insight on the train explosion.   4/29/2004 6:53:10 AM
Well, as previously stated I'm not Korean, but this looks/ed dodgier than all hell to me. In the States, there was an LPG rail disaster in 1978 (or thereabouts) at Crescent City (no idea which state). Plenty of photo opportunities that would make a grown loss assessor cry, but despite rocketing projectiles (ends of cylindrical pressure vessels fueled by igniting LPG, my reading was that there was nowhere near the scale of casualties as compared to the reports in DPRK. The reason is simply that LPG is explosive, but a low explosive, rather than a high explosive, there was a lot of time to get people clear before the real fireworks began, there was property damage to be sure, but casualties were nowhere near what happened last week. I read in a Reuters report Wed 21st April that a ROK firm hd agreed to export 10 tons of LPG a month to DPRK as part of the current reunification approach (by whatever name). It might be my over active imagination, but might this be a possible source for the explosion that occurred on the 22nd? Official DPRK reports later on stated that the second train was carrying Ammonium Nitrate. Well, there's where you get your big bang, or do you? My understanding from AAR's of the 12/10/02 Bali bombing was that the ammonium nitrate fertiliser needed treatment to be effective bombmaking material and that LPG fumigation was inadequate to this task. Whatever was on the second train was not merely fertiliser from my reading of the resultant devastation, this was a major set up job, the ROK needs to be able to produce a paper trail on all LPG shipments North to keep clear of scapegoat status for round II of the Korean War..
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Final Historian    RE:Looking for insight on the train explosion.   4/29/2004 10:28:40 PM
I was worried about that for a while Green Dragon. A possible copy cat of the Red Storm Rising Scenario... But the slow dissemination of info concerning the incident makes me think that they didn't plan this at all.
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