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Subject: Scuds Amok
SGTObvious    12/11/2002 12:49:18 PM
The Scud is a fearsome weapon with a somewhat chequered service record. It is the only weapon ever fired which actually managed on a number of occassions to miss the target nation entirely. Too innaccurate to hit a military target except by sheer luck, it has only two functions: To attack large civilian areas. To deliver weapons of mass destruction. Perhaps we should ever so politely as the Yemenis which function they had in mind?
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Final Historian    RE:Scuds Amok   12/11/2002 1:13:01 PM
Simple, they want to have the ability to attack the Saudi Oil Fields, should the house of Saud be taken out by the likes of OBL, and Osama decides to "liberate" the rest of the Middle East. It gives them some deterence, and a little peace of mind.
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