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Subject: war with North Korea, what are the optioins?
ace    12/10/2003 9:45:19 PM
option 1. meet North Korea's demands-consequences- it will give a message to other rouge nation "threaten world with nuclear weapons and america will give you money". -there is not garantee that north korea will stick by it's side of the deal. option 2. Ignore the situation -consequences-Noth Korea will continue to develope their nuclear capablities, it will sell nuclear weapons to other counreis and terrorists, there is a good chance that north korea or those that by the weapons will use them, sales of nuclear weapons will increase NK's ecconomy which will alow it to further develop it's millitary and nuclear capabilities. -sends a message to other countries that they can get away with producing nuclear weapons. option 3. Go to war. consequences- alot of casualties for US, south Korea and possibly Japan, missiles may even be fired at Australia, north korea may use it's nuclear misslies, further damage to the US ecconomy. which option is best?
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ace    RE:war with North Korea, what are the optioins?   12/11/2003 12:45:08 AM
i would go with optuion 3, but it has to be done well. imidiet casualties will be high, but in the long run alot of lives will be saved.
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Final Historian    RE:war with North Korea, what are the optioins?   12/11/2003 11:05:21 AM
I think that the US is currently hoping that North Korea implodes, something that would be less costly for the US and SK than a war. However, it does risk giving the initiative in a conflict to North Korea.
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ace    RE:war with North Korea, what are the optioins?   12/11/2003 10:35:13 PM
maybe america should take the same steps with north korea as they did with iraq, give them a dead line to disarm, but the problem with that is that if NK choses not to disarm, it will know that an attack is iminent and may use it's nuclear missiles to full extent.
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ace    RE:war with North Korea, what are the optioins?   12/11/2003 10:42:15 PM
id america was to attack north korea, this is what they should do. gain intelligence on the exact positions of the nuclear facilities, airfields, barroks and altilery storage. then take as much of it out as possible in one massive and suprise air attack, consisting of b2 and b52 bomber suported by f15 and f16 fighters. oh, yeh they should also try and sabitage and sort of radar that north korea may have. the attack must be completely un expected and should largely comprimise NK's ability to wage war minimising coalition casualties. planes can be launched from japan and south korea
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Final Historian    RE:war with North Korea, what are the optioins?   12/11/2003 10:47:52 PM
You are correct, this is the only possible attack that may succeeed in knocking North Korea out and keep South Korean casualties to a minimum. Except of course if you use nukes. Which at this point is out of the question.
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ace    RE:war with North Korea, what are the optioins?   12/11/2003 11:03:13 PM
i agree, using nukes would not only be too extreem and hipocriticle, but will make the job of the ground troop (that will invade and occupy NK until a new government can be set up) very difficult.
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ace    RE:war with North Korea, what are the optioins?   12/15/2003 8:56:29 PM
the chances are that north korea already has nukes, and posetponding an attack will only give it more time to develope more nukes. there is no doubt that north korea, given the oportunity, will sell it's nukes to terrorist organisations. naval quarentine will not stop Nk from transporting it's nukes by air. i have no doubt that the peace talks are NK's strategy of buying time. our only problem is that many of america's millitary recorses are still occupied with iraq, that makes an american lead attack higly unlikely until the troops come home. By then, NK may have a desturbingly large arsenal of nuklear weapons. so..what can we do? if we can get enough countries to form a coelition against NK, an attack can still be possible without such a high demand on the US.
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celebrim    RE:war with North Korea, what are the optioins?   12/21/2003 9:42:17 AM
Wait. We no longer have the capacity to fight a war in two places at once, and we are already trying to do or best to do that. Were we not in Iraq and Afghanistan, I feel certain that we'd already be in the Sudan. Were we not in Iraq, I feel sure we'd take a more agressive posture toward North Korea. But we must do one thing at a time. In the mean time, North Korea continues to degrade internally. This balances against the fact that thier weapons program continues to advance. The really urgent problem as far as I'm concerned is the Sudan. Time is really running short there.
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ace    RE:war with North Korea, what are the optioins?   12/21/2003 4:34:31 PM
that is the problem of only having one super power, we can only solve one problem at a time.
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