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Subject: It appears as is someone has been naughty this year.
Final Historian    12/10/2002 6:03:35 PM
Earlier today a Spanish warship, operating alongside the US and other allies, intercepted a North Korean ship that had been followed closely by the US since leaving the DPRK several weeks ago. The Spanish ship ordered the DPRK vessel, which was NOT carrying the flag of North Korea, to heave to. It refused, and the Spanish ship fired several warning shots. After boarding the Korean vessel, the Spanish were assisted by American military personnel. Onboard they found over a dozen missiles closely ressembling the Soviet made Scud Launcher, as well as missile parts. The Vessel appeared to have been heading south, to try and cross the Horn of Africa. The question is, where was it heading? (Libya perhaps?...) Anyway, when Santa draws up his list of who has been naughty this year, and who has been nice, expect the North Koreans to get some coal!
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giblets    RE:It appears as is someone has been naughty this year.   12/11/2002 5:31:54 AM
Have to say I heard the Historians story, that it the 'So-San', (which was flying a cambodian flag) was trailed, incidentally,the suds were hidden under a large cargo of cement. US officials beleive it was headed for Yemen. President Ali Abdullah Saleh confirmed in August that Yemen had bought Scuds from North Korea. But strange they had to hide them, and what would the Yemen need these for in any case (they already have some). Although there has been a long running border dispute between it self and Saudi Arbabia.
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american in Italy    RE:It appears as is someone has been naughty this year.   12/11/2002 12:33:41 PM
Time to bring the pain to north Korea if you ask me their playing with fire.
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Final Historian    RE:It appears as is someone has been naughty this year.   12/11/2002 1:11:26 PM
Most likely they will be the ones to start anything. Have any of you read the Tom Clancy Novel "Read Storm Rising?" There are some historical similarities between what the Democratic People's Republic of Korea faces now, and what the Soviets faced in the novel. Kind of scarey actually, because they might have nuclear weapons. And these people are not nearly as rational as the Soviets are.
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