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Subject: USA offers security guarantees to North Korea!
Roman    10/10/2003 10:40:32 PM
From CNN: "U.S. security pledge for N. Korea Saturday, October 11, 2003 Posted: 0344 GMT (11:44 AM HKT) North Korea said last week it would ban Japan from any future round of talks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story Tools -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VIDEO South Korea and China are trying to deal with increasing numbers of North Korean refugees. PLAY VIDEO RELATED • Japan, U.S. reject NK talks stance SPECIAL REPORT • Analysis: What are the options? • Six-nation talks: Where they stand • Interactive: N. Korea military might • Timeline: Nuclear development • Interactive: The nuclear club • Satellite image: Nuclear facility • Special report: Nuclear crisis YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS North Korea United States Nuclear Warfare Secretary of State or Create your own Manage alerts | What is this? WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell says the U.S. has decided to offer security guarantees to North Korea as part of a deal to end Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program. Such an offer -- to be presented at the next round of six-party talks -- would represent a major change in direction of policy for the White House in its dealings with Pyongyang to try and curb the North's nuclear ambitions during the 12-month stand off. North Korea has repeatedly said it will not give up its weapons program until it has a guarantee the U.S. will not attack. But the Bush administration, until now, has said it would not be blackmailed into any concessions and has demanded Pyongyang act first and dismantle its program. Powell said the administration has been trying to come up with a formal, written agreement that also involves North Korea's neighbors but falls short of a full-blown treaty. "We have some ideas with respect to security assurances which we will be presenting in due course," Powell told journalists on Friday, adding that his aides have been looking for historical precedents that could be applied to the current situation. "My folks have come up with models that span 80 years," Powell said, without citing examples. "We will explore ideas with our friends in the weeks ahead." Six-nation talks -- involving the U.S., North Korea, South Korea, China, Japan and Russia held in Beijing in August -- failed to make any headway into the standoff or an agreement to hold another round of discussions. "Nothing has been scheduled yet," Powell said of a new round of talks. However, there were reports on Friday that North Korea had called for a new round of six-party talks in December. 'The one thing they asked for' Pyongyang has spent much of the past year pushing forward with its weapons program, blaming its need for a nuclear arsenal on what it calls the United States' "hostile policy" towards it. The Bush administration official said the U.S. decision on the security offer has crystallized in recent weeks through intensive inter-agency discussions following the Beijing talks, and is aimed at encouraging Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear program in favor of better relations with the international community. "The North Koreans made pretty clear they wanted this [the security assurances]," the official said. "They didn't talk that much about economic assistance. This is the one thing they asked for." He said that the administration is reviewing old language from U.N. agreements and other security assurances the United States has offered to other countries. Officials said the United States prefers that the North Korean security assurances be "multi-lateral," and that the White House is in the process of determining which of the six nations in the talks would be party to the guarantee. U.S. Assistant Secretary of State James Kelly notified Japan and South Korea of the administration's decision during informal talks last week in Tokyo, the official said. Both Japan and South Korea have been pushing Washington to offer North Korea the guarantee. U.S. officials say addressing North Korea's security concerns is part of a series of steps the United States is willing to take if Pyongyang is willing to dismantle its nuclear weapons program. Other steps include easing of a trade embargo against North Korea and helping Pyongyang to secure much-needed loans from the International Monetary Fund. -- CNN State Department Producer Elise Labott contributed to this report." URL:
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Roman    RE:USA offers security guarantees to North Korea!   10/10/2003 10:49:13 PM
Hey, hey, go USA! This is a good move. Now North Korea either accepts and dismantles her nuclear programme, or it will have no excuse in front of the international community, which will then let the US deal with North Korea in a manner it deems suitable... I am betting that North Korea will in fact choose to dismantle her nuclear programme and that this time it will be properly verified. Of course, if it does not, there is another war coming.
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Final Historian    RE:USA offers security guarantees to North Korea!   10/10/2003 11:34:38 PM
Good points there Roman. I have always opposed a non-aggression pact with NK, because I knew that they would break it. But if we knew for certain they didn't have nukes, than we shouldn't need to attack them first anyways. Of course, the problem is if NK prevents the US from properly verifying its nuke program. Hopefully it will be as you say, and the world recognizes the threat NK poses.
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tomanbeg    RE:USA offers security guarantees to North Korea!   10/11/2003 9:10:58 AM
What a sell out. Powell needs to go. T.
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Sikman    RE:USA offers security guarantees to North Korea!   10/11/2003 5:03:06 PM
I think its fine to agree to a non-aggression pact with nk. If we feel the need to attack them we can always break it.
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UH1Charlie     'security guarantees' to North Korea! What BS!   10/21/2003 4:03:25 PM
I think North Korea has the U.S. in a checkmate position. After Bush's 'axis of evil speech' that included NK as a terrorist state was a terrible blunder. 'Great leader' went into hiding for 55 days. I have no issue of the fact that NK is a terrorist state. I believe it is the #1 clear and present danger, as a rogue terrorist state. When 'Great Leader' announced to the world that NK had been cheating on the dismantleing of it's nuclear weapons since the 1994 treaty; the silence from the U.S. and it's allies was deafening. While the US is pouring billions into it's Afgan/Iraq peacekeeping effort, and the US military is overwhelmed with duties for which it was never intended. Don't think that the 'Great Leader' hasn't thought of a U.S. first strike on it's Nuke/CBW processing and storage facilities. The folly of this should be apparent to any critical thinker. We could never get all their weapons of mass destruction and we know it. The 'Great Leader' has plenty of contingency plans for this eventuality. Some of which would be most unpalatable, if not unthinkable. Don't be fooled the the illusion of U.S. 'security guarantees'. The North Koreans have never kept any of their treaty obligations.... instead of steel thay get spin...nuff said
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Final Historian    RE: 'security guarantees' to North Korea! What BS!   10/21/2003 5:27:05 PM
The point is, that the US doesn't need to attack NK first, if NK doesn't have nukes. If the US and other groups have good access, which is a must for this to be carried out, then we can be fairly certain they won't have nukes. And that means we can hopefully wait them out some more. They are quickly reaching critical mass. Things are falling apart, and its only a matter of time before parts of the country start to drop off the map entirely. Better to wait for NK to fall apart than to fight it directly. The problem with NK have nukes isn't that they will use them, its that they will sell them to terrorists. If we can be sure they don't have nukes and thus can't sell them, than the waiting game benefits us.
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UH1Charlie    RE: 'security guarantees' to North Korea! What BS!   10/21/2003 7:16:36 PM
FH, I agree your with analysis that:"The problem with NK have nukes isn't that they will use them, its that they will sell them to terrorists. If we can be sure they don't have nukes and thus can't sell them, than the waiting game benefits us." My point is no one is certain that NK does not already have nukes. We do know that it going full tilt on the missle building program. I don't believe it's a Kim Chee payload the 'Great Leader' is thinking of. Then there is the problem of a 'dirty bomb', which the terrorists would love to get their hands on.There is simply is no way to verify or believe anything that comes out of that rogue state. North Korea has aways been the master of blackmail. To believe the 'waiting game' will benefit us is wishful thinking, they have game plan and they intend to stick to it. This 50 year headache is becoming a migraine. Fire for effect
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Ashley-the-man    RE: 'security guarantees' to North Korea! What BS!   10/24/2003 5:15:12 PM
What is lost in this whole debate is the mindset of despots like "Fearless Leader", and the other Saddam clones. While we are worried about the North invading the South, or the use or sale of nukes, we forget, that a non-aggression pact would make it much less likely that the U.S. could put any pressure on North Korea to liberalize it's despotic state. Anything we would do would be taken as a menancing gesture by the North and be used against us. That fact that the North has not already been turned into a glass factory, should be proof enough of our intensions.
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