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Subject: USA has 10 milliom mines on the DMZ
df-10    8/13/2003 9:06:35 AM
USA placed 10 milliom mines on the DMZ to keep the North Korean milliom man army at bay.
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ret13f    RE:10 million?   11/24/2004 6:47:40 PM
Hah! I can just picture him. Horsehair hat, long thin pipe in his mouth, hands clasped behind his back, slightly bent forward at his waist, strolling along like the king of the world, oblivious to everything around him. thats great.
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WinsettZ    RE:10 million?   12/1/2004 12:36:37 PM
What is the "depth" of the DMZ anyways, at least the ROK/US side of the DMZ?
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ret13f    RE:10 million?   12/2/2004 12:49:28 AM
2km either side of the mdl
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