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Subject: Just like the Israelis did
FJV    8/11/2003 3:20:51 PM
What are the chances of destroying North Korea's Nuclear Research and production facilities with airstrikes. Just like what the Israelis did with the Iraq Osirak nuclear reactor. Would North Korea really start a war? Would Chinese, Japanese, South Korean rulers be pissed off publicly, but behind closed doors express a sigh of relief? America has the stealth airplanes that could pull this off. Does America also have the specialized bombs? It may be wise to repeatedly train US pilots in simulators specifically for this mission. So the option is at least available when it may be needed.
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TXAggie93    RE:Just like the Israelis did   1/16/2004 12:13:57 PM
I think its do able but only if you use combinded arms and strike hard and fast. From what I saw when I was in the ROK the NK are setup for invade rather than defend. So a lighting strike might take care of the NK arty. The big problem is that the terrien in Korea is not good for fast strikes. Its more of inf humping up and down hills. The bigest concern is the NK ART which we know most of there locations and the ones that we do not know of Firefinder Radar will pin point the rest. I would do an airborne drop Wonsan in the Sea of Japan and capture the port. In addition do a lot of air asualt and marine landings. I would have the 2ID and the ROK doing counter Battery fire and taking out as many ARTY sites as fast as possible. The thing to do is over welm them with fire power that their C^3 breaks down. I do not think NK equipment is in good repair anymore but I also think that they have the potetial to put up one hell of a fight. But I realy hope that it does not come to this since I have a lot of friends in ROK and I would do everything that I could to defend the ROK and help its people.
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HanKim    The lack of space and roads in Seoul   1/23/2004 1:05:54 AM
Anyone who has flown into Seoul Korea will notice not only how close it is to the DMZ (and NK arty) but also the density. You can see the hills of the DMZ if the smog is not too bad from several minutes before landing. There are 10 million people in a city that is quite small area-wise. The population density is 10,000 per square kilometer. That is certainly not the place where one takes fighting a war lightly no matter what anyone says about "neutralizing" several thousand pieces of artillery. Evacuating Seoul ?! Whoever said that has not seen the traffic there on a good day! Han BTW, I am a Korean citizen living in the US. I served in the ROK Army Reserves from 1988-90
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