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Subject: Money and Nukes
FJV    7/24/2003 11:39:24 AM
I read that North Korea is bankrupt. This makes me wonder if North Korea has enough money to develope Nukes. They have to make the investments before they can expect the profits. Has North Korea enough money to continue if the nuke program has runs into difficult technical problems (after all the first bombs were made by the smartest scientists and engineers and you can expect faillures)? Even if they manage to produce a nuke can they sell it for enough money to make a profit? If they lose money on making and selling Nukes then North Korea may "only" be able to produce a single batch of nukes. Would a strike against their nuclear research/production facilities be such a costly setback for North Korea that they cannot afford the investments to make a Nuclear bomb any more.
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Tasha    RE:Money and Nukes   8/19/2003 12:44:18 PM
Why should north korea not have a nuclear missle?
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FJV    RE:Money and Nukes   8/19/2003 2:30:20 PM
Because the first thing that is going to happen is that Kim Jong-il will to threaten every country in the region with nuclear holocaust. This credible threat will also enable him to be much more ruthless in his foreign adventures (terrorism kidnappings etc.), because you have to be careful or he is going to push the button. He will be able to get away with a lot more evil. Most of the time people will answer this with the moral relativism argument. The US has WMD so North Korea should also be allowed to have them. That kind of reasoning equates a surgeon with a killer because both are handling a knives and cut people.
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god of war    RE:Money and Nukes   8/20/2003 8:59:32 PM
As an American, i feel safer with the US having nukes than North Korea.
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tomanbeg    RE:Money and Nukes   8/22/2003 11:05:17 AM
S. Korea paid for it. Their last president sent the DPRK 1.5 billion to get them to attend a conference. It was called the "Sunshine Policy", or it could be called the "Pika Dan policy" if one wanted to. T.
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tomanbeg    RE:Money and Nukes   8/22/2003 11:12:35 AM
Bomb making is simple. Given the right materials, I could make one. Any high school student with a "B" in physics could. And yes, they could sell it at a profit. How much would Iran pay for one, or Syria, or any one of a bunch of piss-ant nations ran by dictators? Any nation is wealthy enough to buy a bomb. Kep in mind when you read about a 'poor country' it means they are only worth a few hundred billion and not trillions, like normal nations. A pr-emptive strike would be a good idea, but where? We don't even know how many places they have. much where they are. Finding WMD is not an easy thing. Italy lost about 30,000 gallons of mustard gas in the 1930's and they havn't found it yet. They have it narrowed down to Lybia or Ethopia. And that took 70 years. This is beyond Columbo even. T.
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