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Subject: New Korea related forum =>
Richardson    7/21/2003 2:34:51 AM
Currently there are two forums, one for Korea related posts, and an Open Forum for topics related to global politics, security, social, and cultural issues. Anyone may view messages, while registered users can post or modify (delete/reply to, etc.) messages. Opinions will be diverse and things could get somewhat hardcore, however... Malicious posts will be deleted and those users will be blocked, period. Of course there may be a few such posts until I am able to log on and find it, but if it happens, that user will be deleted and blocked. You have the option to omit all personal information. You may want to give a valid email address in the event you forget your password, but no one must do that. We’ll see how the forum goes... if it turns out to be mostly dead, it will go away. FORUM:
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tomanbeg    RE:New Korea related forum =>   8/30/2003 7:42:50 AM
Hopefully soon. I don't see any crying need for the world to have another altar to censorship, which is what you have just described. T.
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