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Subject: Hey, Mr. TB....what're you saying now?
15392443    9/20/2002 12:21:11 PM
Korean War? My god....hey, you had seen that US help the other country with no 'merit'??(plz forgive my poor english) That was in the 'Cold War' age. Then, US had no choice but helping SK....for US themselves. Anyway I'd like to appreciate the veterangs of UN forces who fought for us then. But, please don't think that we korean owe US. US help us just for themselves, and we cooperate US for our benefit. Until now, US is helping us anyway. Yes, I know that, and I'm trying to make some people who don't belive or wanna ignore that to belive it. But, I often think that US forgot to consider SK's position. Bush's self-righteousness is absolutely wrong. He's making US be more blind. But our ing dull president of the great United States of America, don't know that. I'm sad about it. US should contribute to the peace of the world, but should not believe that whatever US behave contribute to the peace.
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NewGuy    RE:Hey, Mr. TB....what're you saying now?   11/3/2002 10:54:31 AM
Please answer this: Show (facts please) how the US helped South Korea during the cold war only for its own benefit? If not for the US shield do you think that North Korea would not have invaded your nation again? How does we (the US) sending thousands of our soldiers to die fighting to stop the North from taking over your nation benefit the USA more than your nation??? What "position" of South Korea is the USA not currently considering? Please give specifics. How is Bush "blind"? By *not* ignoring the threat Iraq poses? That would be like your nation ignoring the threat the North poses -- good thing that never occured, or you would not have the liberty of posting anything but "Dear Leader is always correct, we love you" here, huh? NewGuy
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