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Subject: SARS in North Korea?
greytraveller    5/10/2003 9:15:13 PM
Wonder if the SARS epidemic has spread to North Korea??? If it has we may not hear about until...2010 !
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Final Historian    RE:SARS in North Korea?   5/10/2003 11:16:48 PM
Most of NK will be dead by 2010. I have heard some scary things from people who have been there recently. Mass famine, and apparently mass suicide as well. The Army is looting anyplace they think has food. I predicted a few days ago they wouldn't last 10 years for sure, not its looking like 5 years is the max. They are goners. Ugh, Marx, I hope you are enjoying hell.
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Kalashnikov    RE:SARS in North Korea?   5/11/2003 8:45:36 AM
Don't blame Marx, blame Stalin. The lunatic went and developed the ultimate dictatorship and helped in the establishment of the DPRK. If NK were Marxist, it wouldn't be quite as... dead, I guess. Stalinism is strangling them all.
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Final Historian    RE:SARS in North Korea?   5/11/2003 2:36:48 PM
The actual method of carrying out "Marxism" may be in the manner Stalin perfected, but I still blame Marx for creating a system which enables dictators to do so much damage to their country and their people.
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American Kafir    RE:SARS in North Korea?   5/11/2003 4:49:42 PM
I wonder what Marx would say about the religion of Juche, the cult of Kim Song Il.
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