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Subject: Subject: RE:US should get rid of the regime? HA!
Johnney    9/3/2002 2:16:36 PM
Spoken like a true coward! NK thanks you for feeling that way. If you think that NK has no plans for SK you and others are just being as dumb as NK hope that you will be. Just keep on send the food to their NK Army coffers (oops I mean NK people) and you will find out soon!
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15392443    NK's plan for SK? We know that enough, maybe more than you.   9/20/2002 12:30:02 PM
We lives in the constant threat of NK's military power. We know that enough. You don't have to remind us of that. If some country must get rid of NK's regime, we'll do it, NOT US. Maybe we need some help from US, but we would not let US do that. Because, the problems of NK are OURS, not US'.
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