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Subject: Deterance    2/24/2001 8:39:32 PM
The business approach that the Clinton took when dealing with the North must end. No more aid of any kind. Squeeze them. Embargo Pyongang. Muild up our defences in the ROK. Increace the troop numbers by withdrawing completely from the Balkans. Put tank killers and aircraft on the DMZ, not just Osan. Then let them give us an excuse and take the north.
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Show Only Poster Name and Title     Newest to Oldest    RE:Deterance   3/11/2001 7:50:00 AM
You can't be serious. Obviously current US forces in Korea are sufficient for deterrence or the NKs would have attacked long ago. Even Clinton once threatened to devastate NK with nuclear weapons if they attacked South Korea. Have you learned nothing from history? The last time we tried to take NK we had war with China. Another attempt would lead to general war in Asia. Please be reminded that Russia has mutual defense agreements with NK and since 1998 China.
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Ty    RE:Deterance   8/23/2001 12:16:36 PM
RIGHT ON!The North would fall faster today than they did in 1950!
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Themba    RE:Deterance   8/23/2001 2:31:40 PM
The irony in this discussion is that if you talk to anyone that served in the US military in Korea, will tell you we are there more to keep the South from invading the North. Also it should be noted that the UN forces lead by the US were not only fighting NK and China in the previous conflict, but also Soviet Pilots, so not much has changed. However, I doubt Russia or China would rush to help North Korea if they were the aggressors.
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Skorzeny    RE:Deterance   10/28/2001 2:56:21 AM
Keep ROK from invading DPRK? That is nonsense. While there is some support for re-unification among the expatriate northerners and their descendants, the cooler heads in ROK do not want anything to do with the tragic economic mess that North Korea is. The West Germans saved for decades for their eventual reunion with the East and it still cost them enormous funds to keep the Ossies afloat. Tentative estimates for "rescuing" a failed North are expected to be even bigger than the German rescue. All that the ROK leadership wants is to keep DPRK from imploding and sending streams of economic refugees South.
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