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Subject: President Kafir deals with North Korea
American Kafir    4/28/2003 2:06:23 PM
Oh why can't I be President for a day? We need to deal with North Korea the same way they deal with us. First we need to threaten them with nuclear annihilation if they don't submit to our list of demands. Our first demand should be that Kim Jong Il publicly admit to being a sissy little bitch in high heel pumps. It's not that we in America don't tolerate or don't have our own sissy little bitches in high heel pumps, but they usually don't threaten to wage war against anything but "global warming" and are therefore of no consequence. Second, North Korea must apologize to the French for challenging their birthright to being the most petty, insignificant nation on the planet. We must stick by our French friends. Third, North Korea must address the United States, in all diplomatic correspondence, as "The Great and Powerful Destroyers of International Communism, the United States of America" followed by a 600-page apology for daring to wish to speak to us without permission, followed by a 900-page apology for not asking for pemission to apologize. Any deviation from this protocol will be considered an act of war.
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greytraveller    RE:President Kafir deals with North Korea   4/30/2003 1:12:12 AM
Alternative Proposal. Without warning or fanfare simply bomb Kim Jong Il and the N Korean horde permanetly into the stone age. Then simply march in and use North Korea's biggest asset - cheap labor - to partially offset China's biggest asset - cheap labor.
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