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Subject: NK Quiet Revolution - Don''t Think So, Chicom-NK Abn Firststrike More Likely!    8/5/2002 1:01:31 AM
Hungry civilians in history have never been been a match for well-fed soldiers, especially well-fed [comparatively] soldier who have yet to believe change is necessary for the army and NK society as a whole. Second, the PRC will not allow any nonsocialist government to take over in NK. If the net sites reports are even partiallly valid it indicates to me that China is preparing for an expansion of the WOT to a second, even third battlefront, probably at or soon after the US invades IRAQ-IRAN. China will very likely NOT move against Taiwan or NK without also attacking Japan. If New fronts do occur, THE WORST THING THE US COULD DO IS FAIL TO OVERTHROW THE COMMUNIST GOVERNMMENT ON THE MAINLAND, FOR AS WITH TAIWAN/NK FAILURE TO DO ONLY MEANS WAR WITH CHINA WILL OCCUR AGAIN, AT A FUTURE TIME WHEN CHINA IS MORE MODERN AND BETTER EQUIPPED!
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