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Subject: countdown to War?
greytraveller    4/18/2003 1:41:37 PM
The homepage of the has a ticking clock counting down to war on the Korean peninsula. I can't find any articles of explanation for this at their website. Does anyone know what this about??
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patriotscheme countdown to War?   4/18/2003 1:58:12 PM
They always have countdowns on Global Security. They had one initially for the war in Iraq that counted down to November 6, then switched it to early March because they thought the U.S. would invade when the moon was covered. They always have these countdowns, and the North Korea clock has changed at least a few times. The one for NK doesn't make much sense, anyways, because it is simply impossible for the U.S. to mount any type of invasion of Korea with our precision weapons stocks so low and our military so pre-occupied in Iraq. Not to mention the fact that a war with NK would be dozens of times more destructive than the one we just fought.
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American Kafir countdown to War?   4/18/2003 2:06:39 PM
When Bush gave Saddam 48 hours to leave Iraq, GlobalSecurity.Org adjusted their countdown clock to 48 hours from the precise moment Bush said "48 hours" in his speech.
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greytraveller countdown to War?   4/18/2003 11:31:29 PM
Yes I understand that is dramatizing the North Korean situation. Yet it does bring up the point about whether there will be a trigger point - a point where the North Koreans will go too far and become too much of a security concern for everyone in Asia thereby forcing the US to take some sort of action???
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Final Historian countdown to War?   4/19/2003 1:41:32 AM
I think that we will bide our time until Iraq is secure. I wouldn't expect anything before summer next year, unless of course Kim forces us to move early.
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Phoenix Rising countdown to War?   4/20/2003 2:54:09 PM
I second what FH said, and I think it would take a pretty substantial trigger ... crossing the DMZ in force, or launching a missile that "accidentally" hits Japan or an American base in Okinawa, or maybe a nuclear test. --Phoenix Rising
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tomanbeg countdown to War?   8/24/2003 2:58:43 PM
I agree. There is a 6 week period of good fighting weather from about the end of may thru the middle of july. Not to wet, not to dry, good vis and mild temps at night. The JDAM kits were supposed to be restocked by the end of September, so munitions stocks will be ok. Plus that will give the State Dept time to go through theis BS. Then all we need to do is manufacture an excuse. I think the best way to go would be to wait until the DPRK sends up fighters to buzz a recon plane. Shoot the fighters down and run a quickie on the base they came from. Then tell Kim we are tired of this sh1t and give him the ol 48 hour thingy. With any luck the French will step up and offer him a villa on the coast, and we can avoid all the loud noises. Then we airdrop MRE's and hope that doesn't get the N. Koreas to shooting or to counterattack with some of their chemical weapons. T.
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Lanton countdown to War?   7/10/2004 8:44:48 AM
[quote]02 November 2004 With the placement of interceptor missiles in Alaska by late 2004 President Bush will fulfill his promise to American people. The timing coincides with the presidential election on 02 November 2004.[/quote]
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displacedjim countdown to War?   7/10/2004 12:37:15 PM
Excellent. Better late than never. So what do you think, Kim will try to shoot a missile or three that might possibly be far enough along in development testing to actually fly that far before our ABMs become operational? Shoot, it would be doing us a favor if he tries. Not only will we see him preparing before he does it, and blow them up on their pads, but then we've got all the excuse we need to go medieval on any part of North Korea we choose. Displacedjim
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USN-MID countdown to War?   7/10/2004 8:14:14 PM
The problem with that is we still don't have a way to protect Seoul from conventional artillery. And it would destroy their economy, which would ripple effect to raise the price of shoes, Hyundais, and popular cell phones. And then the liberals would throw a #### fit.
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displacedjim countdown to War?   7/10/2004 9:03:08 PM
"The problem with that is we still don't have a way to protect Seoul from conventional artillery." Well, that's their own darn fault for building their capital so close to the border! I mean, what were they thinking? Oh, wait a minute.... :-) Okay, fine, so I guess we'd need to drop 10 or 20... *thousand* JDAMs an clean out every freaking tunnel adit within about 20 miles of the west end of the DMZ. Well, shoot, maybe we should just let the South defend their own dang city! Mumble, retreat, grumble, back to my hole.... Displacedjim
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