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Subject: Breaking News: Shootout btwn NK, SK Boats!    6/28/2002 11:11:08 PM
My first thought is where is the PRC Airborne, naval commando and other Chicom/NK Specfors? If worse comes to worse and Krean War 2 begins, either or both Taiwan and SK can yet prevail successfully against a limited first-strike by PRC-NK or other commie forces. Once begun, however, Taiwan and or SK cannot just fight to contain the battle only to their specific local areas. They must bring the battle to the PRC mainland lest they risk the PRC living to fight another day! The key for PRC and NK forces is to prevent or void US/Allied reinforcement from Japan and CONUS! This may entail commie Airborne and commando quickstrikes against SK air and naval ports of entry, and interior MLS/MLRF in the openning moments or war, with nuke subs standing offshore to deter American Navy BG's. Bush must be careful that new pol crises erupts in international regions as a means to disrupt or stifle his WOT until a proactive change in national leadership takes place [read, Libs & Billary]!
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