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Subject: Today's So. Korea Youth...
Choicemaker    4/4/2003 8:24:12 AM
I note the demonstrations of the younger generation in South Korea and their pre-disposition to accept the North as brothers in spite of North's continuing collectivist denial of human nature as earth's choice-maker. Such divergence is common to most Western nations - at the student-level - as left-oriented educators compound student preponderant ignorance and 'tooth-fairy' wishful-bias. When the day comes that North and South unite, I daresay the lack of understanding by this generation of liberty of choice, individual value and Rights, and freedom and representative government, will cause them to accept collectivism as simply "a variety of government." Historical evidence proves that ignorance is not blissful. As they say,"Lotsa luck!" Any questions? Jim Baxter Sgt. USMC WW II and Korea
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Nate    RE:Today's So. Korea Youth...   4/19/2003 8:37:40 PM
Plenty of people volunteer for the Moron Brigade; they serve in fields of "education". I know them, for I have been there. If the NKPA returns to Seoul, you can safely bet they will have long lists of youth to be liquidated. They had lists of victims when they invaded before.
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Phoenix Rising    RE:Today's So. Korea Youth...   4/20/2003 3:03:10 PM
I do notice some of what Sgt. Baxter says, but I admit I'm a little less fatalistic. I note that history does not play itself out in a vacuum and that no one historical variable can change without changing thousands of others around it. Regarding dangerous idealism--well, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and it's also worth noting that many people are idealistic until incontrovertibly confronted with reality. Most of American acadmia cannot claim to be so enlightened because modern liberal arts are heavily sheltered and insular. However, the American people were also generally idealistic when it came to international affairs before Pearl Harbor (we were disillusioned domestically by the Depression); we believed the whole "live and let live, we can all just get along" fantasy. We were similarly idealistic about the rate of economic expansion and the "new era" of international peace throughout the 1990's, until 9/11. People do indeed have an extraordinary capability to deceive themselves. That's what cynics (including myself) do generally concentrate on. However, people also have an extraordinary capability to rouse themselves when they feel the need. --Phoenix Rising
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