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Subject: Korea vs China
elvis123    3/27/2003 3:40:35 PM
Given all the propaganda we get from the peace loving republic of north Korea the saber rattling seems kind of forced. China is doing great with a 10% growth rate of exports to the rest of the World. Does anyone really thinks China wants North Korea to upset the applecart. Launch a Nuke at the U.S. and gain what? A glass parking lot. Launch a Nuke at South Korea, these are your own people, do you really think they would be all that friendly after they reunite as a conquered nation? If that really happened. Attack Japan, not likely though they hate the Japanese after they were ruled by them for 50 years. North Korea is falling apart on its own. It is trying to coerce the rest of the world into sending them free aid. Let Pyongan? mouth it up for a few years and the people will finally get so pissed off they will pull a Romania and shoot the Dictator and his wife.
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jang minh    RE:Korea vs China   4/13/2003 5:50:27 AM
china never have this mind do u realize that all china do is to protect her neibourgh state!like korea and vietnam in the past do u know china ever send her army to fight US in korea war like what her doing in vietnam & china has not get anythink
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evlstu    RE:Korea vs China   4/15/2003 12:43:14 AM
Can you say that in ENGLISH
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SNP    RE:Korea vs China   5/2/2003 2:29:32 AM
As you can see, he is probably an East Asian, I don't see you learning more than 1 language even if you said you did on the boards, there is simply no way for you to prove it. Americans simply don't need to learn anything further than english
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FourF    RE:Korea vs China   5/2/2003 8:12:12 AM
I didn't quite understand what Jang was getting at either, but we should try to let him expand his thesis. I think basically, he was saying China would protect it's neighbbor against external aggression. My thoughts are that ONLY China can resolve the N.K. problem right now. Japan is nobody's choice because of their nasty history on the peninsula. The U.S. cannot start anything by itself because all the counter attack damage would be on South Korea. Russia simply doesn't care what's going on over there right now. And South Korea itself has gotten too fat and happy. They enjoy a great (for that part of the world) economy and all the perks of modern living. The 10,000 artillery pieces pointing at Seoul would wreak such havoc that they are frozen in fear and simply choose to hide behind the US Marines in the DMZ. China, on the other hand could effect a change either by supporting an internal coup, or by direct military intervention, which I doubt they have the will to do. And since Kim isn't saying his nuke is pointed at Beijing, I doubt they have any reason to invade. My bet is on a Chinese backed coup. 4F
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Kalashnikov    RE:Korea vs China   5/2/2003 7:43:56 PM
But the last thing China wants is another example of a free state on it's borders. Just enough to spur China's people to revolt against the Communists there. I believe China will try to play some sort of mediator role between the DPRK and the US, while ultimately giving supplies to the North. Although, as you've said, Japan, Russia and South Korea are pretty much out as being able to make a whole lot of a differance.
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greytraveller    RE:Korea vs China   5/3/2003 2:37:40 AM
If China used its intelligence agencies to instigate a coup in North Korea it could accomplish two important goals. China could move troops into North Korea after Kim Jong-Il's regime was deposed. China would confiscate any NK nuclear weapons (allaying US concerns on that issue). China would also have troops in place to thoroughly prevent any US military action against North Korea. That would clearly make China the BIG winner. The Chinese would install a friendly and non-belligerent regime in North Korea. China would be seen by most of the world as a regional power. That would put pressure on the US to remove combat troops from South Korea.
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Communist_forever    RE:Korea vs China   9/21/2003 6:04:35 PM
"Americans simply don't need to learn anything further than english" I believe that they have to learn Spanish also
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bond_manager    RE:Korea vs China   9/24/2003 2:39:55 PM
Gentlemen, No one truly wants korea to be united besides Korean nationalists and world humanitarians. Chinese do not want a democratic gov't in their border. Also, they do not want the snowball effect of independence movement of minorities. More than a couple of million Korean Chinese want to join their brothers in the southern border. Then, Huns in Manchuria, Mongolians, Tibetians (sp??), and others will want their own gov't. Japanese can't possibly want anything good for koreans. Korea is one of the biggest buyers of American weapons. Do we really want to lose this faithful customer? korean decendent
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Ddalgi74    RE:Korea vs China   2/6/2004 11:32:07 AM
The biggest problem with China starting a coup in NK is that th Pyongyang regime is the tightest controlled police state in the world, and Korea (both os them, but I believe NK more than SK) is a very homogenous country. They are all Koreans and they all speak Korean, and even South Korea finds it hard to infiltrate its own Korean spies in NK. So for China to infiltrate spies in NK must be very hard too, I am sure they must have a few, but for a coup you need people in key positions. More Chinese spies would be hard as Chinese even look quite different from Koreans. I also believe Beijing has no interest in seeing the Koreas unite, as someone pointed out earlier, they would have another free market at their borders. Japan has no interest in seeing a united Korea. The Korean peninsula, once united, could have the potential to outdo Japan at its own game. Seoul has the capital, the know how and the industrial base; Pyongyang has lots of untapped natural resources (ore, rivers for powerplants, etc...). The US also has no real interest in seeing the peninsula united... SK is a major arms buyer, and America has a unique oportunity to have almost 100,000 troops stationed right at China's door steps in Korea and Japan. After the country unites they might just tell the US they don't want their troops there. Maybe not all US troops will leave, but most would. Japan might follow suit. Where's the US shoving all of those soldiers? Maybe in the Philipines, they would take the US with open arms. Russian also could care less about what happens there too, they got plenty of their own problems to take care of now. That leaves the Koreans to care about the reunification, but not ALL Koreans... Many feel that a unification right now (even a peaceful one) would be disastrous. Seoul would have to feed, clothe, educate, employ and sustain a population of around 20 million (50% more Koreans than the South has now) who are poorly fed, clothed, educated and with virtually no modern world skills... Many Koreans just hope they will die before their country unites, so they won't see what they built in SK go down the drain when they incorporate NK. Some Koreans (my wife included) just wish North Korea would nuke Japan and both countries would destroy each other, that way South Korea would get rid of its two biggest rivals in one go... sounds almost poetic, but unreal...
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Final Historian    RE:Korea vs China   2/6/2004 11:36:07 AM
Actually, America would like a united Korea for several reasons. It would free up troops, something that the army would like very much right now. It would also simplify logistics, one less area of the world to station equipment and supplies in, and prepare to fight over. And then there is the reduced threat from nuclear proliferation.
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