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Subject: North Korean People
Big M    4/12/2002 6:25:09 AM
I dont care what your ideology is. People living in a culture of "scientific socialism" are already slaves. There are some GS/contractor types over here In S Korea joking about "sex for hotdogs" schemes on the border if NK falls ala E. Duetchland. And now the very nation that claims absolute power over people like the in the above report are selling them abroad "for their own benefit". The #1 duty of a national leader is to PROTECT HIS/HER PEOPLE! You can't do that if you let your ideology get in the way of your responsibilities as a national leader!
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Phoenix Rising    RE:North Korean People   4/12/2002 9:37:05 AM
Big M, I generally agree. The Stalinist government in North Korea has definitely betrayed, if not destroyed, its people's hopes and dreams. It has also been relegated to "renting" them out as slave labor to Russia to prop up its foundering economy. It has also abdicated its responsibility to defend them, especially if we accept the American standard of protection "against all enemies, foreign and domestic," considering that the government is clearly an enemy of its own people. Large parts of North Korea are uninhabitable or otherwise not resource-rich lands. The country will probably never be completely self-sufficient. However, the absolutely dismal production figures (if we accept those of independent watchdog groups, not the official figures of the N. Korean government) are an embarrassment even by Communist standards; even China has come out and criticized them for not doing enough to bring their country into the 21st century. Be careful when you talk about "ideology," though. That's about as vague a term as you can get. Everyone has an ideology of some kind or another. Some are better than others; some are simply different from others; some are simply vile. (That's also being vague, I know.) --Phoenix Rising
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