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Subject: North Korea
jean    2/16/2003 1:58:10 PM
Today it was Kim Jong il 's birthday : i don't give a damn , he can die open mouth. But North Korea declared that they can hit and touched US targets in pacific coasts : what will the USA do , knowing that : 1) they are directly threatened and seriously 2) NK has nuclear bombs 3) 2 millions of people are dead of starvation. ( you can set free this poor people)?? 4) NK is the last stalinist communist country of the world. Why is it so urgent to bomb bagdaad where the real threat is elsewhere ? I am waiting for your obvious answers. ps: china declared that USA can manage alone to solve their problems with NK.
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American Kafir    RE:North Korea - Missile defense systems   2/16/2003 3:11:07 PM
King Kim (he inherited his throne, right?) is doing something far better than Nixon, Reagan, Bush 41 and Dubya ever did - sell the American people the idea that a missile defense against rogue nations is necessary. You might as well put up one of those fancy colorful facades behind Kim that say "American Missile Shield" all over them when he speaks. Let him speak while words are cheap. Over all, I think Kim is a more brutal dictator than Saddam (Kim imprisons political dissidents AND their families for 3 generations - the grandchildren of political prisoners captured in the 1970's who have died are STILL in prison for being born). But how can we get a UN Security Council resolution to disarm Iraq that will mean anything other than the United States and Britain sending troops to disarm him? Would France participate? Russia? China?
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American Kafir    RE:North Korea - Missile defense systems   2/16/2003 3:14:58 PM
oops.. I meant to say... But how can we get a UN Security Council resolution to disarm >>North Korea<< that will mean anything other than the United States and Britain sending troops to disarm him? Would France participate? Russia? China? I've got more important things on my mind than idle threats from a glorified rickshaw puller.
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conservativejerk    RE:North Korea   3/20/2003 2:59:31 PM
Kim, while arrogant and beligerant is not stupid. I dont believe he has any intention of starting a war. While he uses his military to threaten he knows better than to attack. Instead he chooses to ride the line. Action just short of starting a war. Saddam on the otherhand is a true nutjob. He has attacked his neighbors before and would probably never stop trying. Kim with Nukes would probably not use them. He may sell them however and that is a problem. If Saddam could get a hold of one he would probably launch it before cutting the price tag off. Saddam is a maniac who cannot be negotiated with. I think Kim can be negotiated with. I do stand by the argument that we will not be blackmailed. I would offer tham a chance to put things back exactly they way they were and nothing more untill they can prove they can behave.
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Nate    RE:North Korea   4/19/2003 9:07:30 PM
If Kim levels Seoul and sends his army south all the way to Pusan, he can show his North Korean slaves the wreck of Seoul as an example of capitalist society. He could loot and enslave the rest of South Korea to keep himself and any progeny in power for many years. If he makes clear to Japan that he will stop at the Tsushima Strait, a pacifist Japan might not fight him. All he would then have to worry about is Beijing and Washington. If he can pulverize Seoul, slaughter millions, and go south, all we could do would be to nuke Pyongyang and any other North Korean hovels. What does he have to lose?
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Kalashnikov    RE:North Korea - Missile defense systems   4/21/2003 8:28:10 PM
>>Little KIM is as bad, but has NOT show the inclination to attack his neighbors in major ways (just pinpricks, and not that he has many neighbors)<< This is true, but whom would North Korea try to attack? A war with China would be the ultimate end of that nation (China supplies almost all of their weapons and much of their food). Russia would also have severe backlash at home, not to mention that they would be utterly smashed by either nation. As for Japan and the across-ocean nationn, North Korea simply dosen't have the transport capability. Thus, the only option would be South Korea,whom they know they will face American forces there. And they most likely (Hopefully) know that the second time around, they won't have Mao Tse Tung's legions of volunteers and direct Chinese support.
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Kalashnikov    RE:North Korea   4/21/2003 8:35:54 PM
The North Korean people have been striving for reunification with the South since their break-up. That was the purpose of the 1950's Korean War. Kim would never slaughter the innocents of what many North Koreans feel are their brothers. The people would never let him get away with it, and most likely, neither would the military. Also, as mentioned in my below post, North Korea is unable to transport sufficient amounts of their army to Japan to battle them anyway, not to mention the Japanese astounding tech & training advantage. He would also be unable to fight two succesive wars, as the first would likely be against American intervention which would drain his forces significantly (Assuming he would be able to win at all).
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Spent Case    RE:North Korea>> Kalashnikov   4/22/2003 11:22:23 AM
I think were confusing attack and invasion. If the ROK were to be invaded, it is unlikely that Japan would stand idly by. Some of the articles on this site hint to this. However, a pre-emptive nuke (or the threat thereof) may cow the Japanese into inaction. I wouldn't imagine that they would want to relive the events of 1945. Unlike 1950, though, the NKs probably won't have any cross-border sanctuaries. My own personal feeling is that Kim Jong-Il can't stand the media spotlight being on Iraq, rather than himself, and that NK will say something outlandish for the attention. After all, the world revolves around NK (in Pyongyang's view). regards
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Kalashnikov    RE:North Korea>> Kalashnikov   4/22/2003 5:37:36 PM
Japan, being a neutral country since Hiroshima and Nagasaki of WWII, would be somewhat of a wildcard in such a non-nuclear invasion. If they feel that the DPRK has invaded the South as a move of expansion in the area, they may feel obliged to intervene (May or may not, being neutral), although if they feel that the North has invaded to merge with the South as in the first Korean War, they are unlikely to attack. It all depends on how N. Korea presents itself in battle.
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Rosecruix    RE:North Korea>> Kalashnikov   4/25/2003 6:04:44 AM
there actually is a rather large movement in south korea that is pro north korea, especially among the young. why, i have no clue. also the south korean people are the most educated of all asian nations (including japan). they could probably build kim a gun or two. but i agree, kim is just doing politics with his talk. ignoring him might not be the solution though. it costs plenty moneies to field the kind of army nk have and kim is somewhat foreign aid reliant. nk is also one of the worlds worst starvation areas. i think it is silly to think the us wouldnt take action if their presence in sk was wiped out.
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SGTObvious    Does the left actually have a suggestion?   4/25/2003 6:59:18 AM
The Leftist, anti-America crowd seems to have only one strategy regarding Korea: "We have no idea what to do, but whatever the US does it must be wrong." Personally I'd be all in favor of telling the South Koreans "this is your problem, tell us what you want to do and we'll help, because we're your friends, but don't ask us to take point".
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