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Subject: S.Korean Naval industry
Ezekiel    2/10/2009 11:22:34 AM
How did S.Korean nurture a ship building industry to the point that today it is building its own destroyers???
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YelliChink       2/10/2009 1:55:00 PM
The Korean corporates run Korean government. It's pretty much the same to Japan, which government project on building naval ships is part of their porkulus spending.
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Yyy    In order   3/29/2009 3:23:20 PM
Japan gov. had some debt for salary to many Korean indivisuals who served for Japan during WWII.
Korean gov. get the money from Japan gov. instead of the people and spend it to built infrastructures and an iron works.
Then they built automobile company and shipbuilding company, because they had roads for cars and steel for ships.
It happened in 1970's.
Korean gov. return the money to the right owner at 2006.
Fortunately, most Korean who served for Japan in 1940's were already dead at the moment, only a few demanded their rights for the money,  Korean gov. could save their budget.
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