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Subject: For the 1st time in 10 years, S. Korean police captures a N. Korean spy.
dba    8/27/2008 4:39:09 AM
S. Korean police has captured a 34yr old female N. Korean agent who'd been collecting intelligence for N. Korea by 'befriending' S. Korean officials, including military officers in active duty. A few officers have been arrested already. One of the articles described how the agent had been fearing for her own life recently for failing to accomplish assigned tasks and had resorted to changing locks of her place 3 times in the last year etc. Looks like she's worn out by the ordeal and has been cooperating with the interrogators productively. What's really interesting in the story is that this didn't happen during the last 10 years during which Presidents Kim, DJ and Noh MH were in charge. They basically said there were no North Korean spies in S. Korea. Considering how friendly they were to N. Korea even when N. Korea didn't deserve the love, it's not surprising NO N. Korean spies were ever captured during their terms. Considering West Germany found out after the unification that there were almost 30,000 spies planted by East Germany, one wonders where these 2 former presidents of S. Korea put their loyalty in. That's what the posters in S. Korean websites are asking. With this new administration in charge, you will see lots of such stories.
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