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Subject: Until when?
Shirrush    10/4/2007 3:26:09 PM
Until when will South Korea appease and buttress this mass-murderer of Koreans?
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Shirrush       10/4/2007 3:36:14 PM
Disheartening news.
No justice, no retribution, no truth, only the depravity and the cowardly selfishness of the satiated, fatass South Koreans.
Now they're signing a peace treaty with the monster, that will spare them, forever, the expenses of caring for their victimized and terrorized brethren in the North.
I hope they'll regret it.
What will the US do? Will they be part and party to this betrayal of humanity, or will they stand up and at least remove their troops from the peninsula?

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Softwar       10/4/2007 4:22:03 PM
No withdrawl for sure.
The Bush admin. has never been on good terms with the ROK government.  We saw that on display recently during the APEC conference. 
The one thing the ROK has been most scared of is not an invasion by the DPRK but a collapse of the Kim regime.  If Kim falls then the ROK will have to move in and take care of the basket case the DPRK has become or give it away to Beijing.  The best figures are it will take at least 100 billion dollars to bring the DPRK back from the dark ages.
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Photon       1/1/2008 12:09:10 AM
Unless there is a severe 'swing' political reaction sweeping South Korea, they will more or less would rather 'bribe' the North than seek more drastic policy.  I think a plenty of folks within this message board have already pointed out for years:  The South Koreans are not serious about the 'reunification'.  The last thing they would want is to lower their standard of living, in order to absorb the decrepit Northern economy.  (The Germans had a plenty of headaches absorbing the East, but the economic discrepancy between BDR and DDR was nowhere as extreme as that of ROK and DPRK.)  Furthermore, proportionally smaller among the younger voters care that much about the Korean War in the first place.  (Hell, not many of these youngsters even spend much time thinking about how things were pretty bad until the late '70s -- that was when the South Koreans started to feel the effects of painstakingly-built industrialization and economic boom.)

They are not yet ready for the 'reunification', let alone playing 'hardball' with the North or to anyone who pisses off the South.  (They would probably rather defer to the Americans to deal with the larger issue, even though they are just as ready to snivel about the Americans for their hard-line stance towards the North! )
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