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Subject: Support for my Nation
Kim il Sung(kins)    2/22/2002 1:52:13 AM
Ha So.Shallow Westerners It has clome to my attention,that a regular poster on this site has gliven much supporht for My plolocys and my cluntrys human lights. Honlerbal Malriat.Thank you.western dogs now know of velly blad thing that Yankee Howler monkey do.Compared to my regime,they so bad. Thank you for support. Must go,need to execute more dissidents for street protest.
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052C    RE:Support for my Nation   12/24/2004 11:42:00 PM
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Mpteach    RE:Support for my Nation   2/2/2005 1:47:12 AM
patriot calm down, kim il sung's post is just a joke, not even real communists talk that way.
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kjetski    RE:Support for my Nation   2/12/2005 2:44:00 PM
ha ha
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Ozamist    Western Emperialist not dogs get it right   3/9/2005 6:03:21 PM
ok for one the guy wiht the cpu in nkorea is a rich guy in ther country then if he cant talk english good he is either a fony because the ones who have money usally go to school and all the nkoreans i have talked to type and speak better english then me and if any of you read my post youd know im dire need of punctaition etc :D this is ozamist not to be confused with ozama like one of them guys thought i was lol peace
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