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Subject: Special Services Group (SSG)
Shah Rukh    3/14/2005 6:10:16 PM
HISTORY: The SSG was formed ten years after the independence. Its main objective is to work where the regular army is not considered suitable to accomplish the Op as well as being assigned special tasks and covert ops. This may include high crisis situations on the National border to Hostage Rescue operations in country capitals, the SSG is trained to handle sorts of situations. ORGANIZATION: Pakistani Elite Special Forces have 4 Brigades First & Second Brigade is dedicated to Military Operations. Third Brigade is an Anti-Terrorist Brigade, and it is known as Musa-Colony. Fourth Brigade is Permantely stationed in Saudi Arabia for the protection of the Saudi Royal Family. RECENT ANTI TERRORIST OPERATIONS: It was a normal day in the National Capital, when the news of the kidnapping of a school bus carrying more than 35 primary school children, all of whom were below 12 years of age, as well as two teachers and a driver. Authorities immediately fell in stress and pressure about how to stop this chaotic situation. Not only were the Government worried about the lives of the children, they were also trying to figure out a way handle the mediocrity. It was learned that the kidnappers were 6 Afghan militants, their motif was to get the Pakistani government to accept some of their extremely inexhorbitant demands that included giving them military assets along with fighter jets in the Pak-Airforce. The news played hell with the parents of the children, who were on the verge on going hysterical. Parents and media both stormed the offices of the authorities, trying to find out what steps were being taken to end the situation. The government fell a very tricky and difficult situation as the terrorists pressurized them at the same time. They indicated the terrorists that their demands were under consideration and the government will need a little time to fulfill their demands. The terrorists replied by saying that they will be allotted 72 hours before any "unpleasant event occurs". Then they asked for food for themselves and the hostages, which they were immediately given. Internally the government had decided to no to give in their demands, and they were planning to take the terrorists down. Many tactical and intelligence teams were called to the operation. Including ISI and SSG, it was decided that there should be a way of contact with the inside world. The terrorists had drawn the curtains of the place so there was virtually no contact inside. It was figured out that the terrorists might be convinced to let an ill child hostage and a teacher walk out of the house and receive medical treatment then they will be returned to the terrorists. That was made their key to the inside world, the two hostages were allowed free. They reported that the hostages were held in separate rooms, guarded by armed terrorists, the terrorists were armed with Kalashinkov assault rifles and pistols, they were wearing typical Afghan dress and army boots and MAY have body armor. During all that time they were supplied with food and water. Day one had passed, the next day the hostages were contacted and told that an operation would be carried out at sunset time and it will be aimed to kill all the terrorists on the spot, therefore the hostages had to be prepared for the sudden outbreak of the breach. The hostages had to shift themselves on the floor or under any furniture just 1 minute before the showdown. Any confusion or carelessness could result in severe casualties. The news quietly spread between the hostages during mealtime. The next day, at the given time the hostages moved to the appropriate locations. The terrorists were really very attentive now; they had their guns ready at all time, and seemed very less hesitant towards taking the lives of the hostages. It was also discovered later that they wore masked that covered their one eye so that they would only have point and fire without worrying to aim. Then after one minute, a volley of gas and smoke grenades was fired through the house's windows and into the rooms. After an interval of 3 or 4 seconds SSG's commandos of the "Zarrar Jareeh" began entering through windows and doors, they were armed with MP5 sub-Machine guns, and Laser trained Glock and Beretta pistols. They were wearing camouflage dress, kevlar vests, and Gas masks, and spare gas grenades. The terrorists were not ready for the attack, but they blindly returned fire, putting lives of the hostages at risk. It was difficult for them to see through the smoke and gas fumes irritated their eyes. Thankfully, no hostages went hysterical by the heavy the gunfire that rocked the whole neighborhood. By the first 40 seconds 2 terrorists lay dead, they were accurately chest and head shot through the deadly MP5 9mm bursts. The rest of the four terrorists also fell victims of the commandos' bullets within the next 1 minute! The commandos worked like greased lightening, they stormed t
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PeregrinePike    RE:Special Services Group (SSG)   3/21/2005 8:52:15 AM
For a Third World country's SF its pretty good... but no match for the sheer talent pool Chinese and Indians can muster. Plus they are always in the news - which does it little good in terms of operational security. Personally, I think some of the Second World nations might have the best SF capabilities in the world per man.
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PeregrinePike    A Full Regiment - and a couple of questions?   3/21/2005 8:58:31 AM
1. Is the SSG a full Pakistani infantry regiment? -- I saw it listed as such, and amazingly the juniormost regiment in the Army? 2. Is the Saudi Guards brigade same as the SSG component you mentioned? 3. Seeing how they were formed as a hostage-rescue team - are there any fully SF component units in Pak Army? (Just wondering - in India Hostage resue is nominally under NSG (Home Ministry) not Para Cdo (SF, Defense))
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