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Subject: Pakistani SSG Special Forces vs Indian Black Cats Special Forces: Which are Better?
ChaosEnforcer    1/31/2005 2:21:32 AM
Since I am Pakistani, I would pick the Pakistani SSG Commandos. But what are the info on the Indian Black Cats. I heard they use poison arrows and dress in all black clothing. What do you Indian Posters know about them? Let me know.
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PeregrinePike    Try again...   1/31/2005 10:38:53 AM
Its like comparing apples with oranges... Either compare SSG with Parachute Reg. Cdo. battalions or compare NSG with a similar Pakistani police/anti-terrorist unit. Or rephase the question differently as "Who is faster: NSG at killing terrorists or SSG at creating insurgents (my Political Correctness radar prevents me from inflaming Pakistanis by calling their beloved terrorists, and fingers cry out with pain for as much)"
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K2    Pakistani SSG Commando Vs Indian Para Commando   1/31/2005 12:18:22 PM
It should be Pakistani SSG Commando Vs Indian Para Commando Information about Indo-Pak SF forces form neutral source
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coolboyjay    RE:Pakistani SSG Commando Vs Indian Para Commando   1/31/2005 1:26:26 PM
Nothing much to choose from, but I would guess, the one with the better weapons would be winning! In that case I would give Indians a slight advantage.
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PeregrinePike    Pakistani SSG Commando Win by History... but it ain't someting to be proud of.   1/31/2005 5:25:48 PM
Since K2 has brought back the debate on a more even footing... I, as an Indian, have to admit SSG has a better performance history than India. You really have to look at their job description as a whole and then you see SSG's successes: 1. As an agent provocateour it is ranks amongst KGB and Brandenburger's best. Success: Indian NE, Kashmir, Bombay Mafia, Soviet-Afghanistan, Taleban etc., and I am happy India isnt good at it because as the saying goes "you think you are getting laid, but you never know if you are getting f#%ked". 2. Excellent rear-guard actions in both Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Kargil; Hey, Spartans and SS "Totenkampf" won their fame in rear-guard actions, though much good it did them. Again I hope India never gets good at that. 3. Works well with intellegence agencies (ISI), atleast better than Para with RAW; but be careful guys it might get you HUNG by international law when caught. Also gets a poor reputation when the lawyers look up Nuremberg Precedents and find genocide on the record. 4. SSG is better motivated and confident, and really brings the 1Paki=4Other equation to field. It is what "force-projection" and "shadow-mancing" is all about. But trickle it down to regular soldiers and you have 100,000 surrenders. Rather stupid, ha? Now comes the really embrassing part for me to lay out... 5. There is record of Indian failure, nothing on Pakistani failure: Read Sri Lanka.
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PeregrinePike    Dont Indians and Pakistanis put a lot of ad hoc units in SF roles???   2/1/2005 1:39:53 PM
In a more enlightened after-thought I must add that Indians and Pakistanis dont field many permanent special forces, but rather utilizes the full talent of their rather large armies in many ways... probably a legacy of British tradition of clean-and-tidy soldiers. Para regiment is all air-borne, SF more qualified than most, but there is much more to SF work than jumping out of the sky. Reading more you find politically reliable Tibetian and Gurkhas, politically risk-free Guards, jungle combat Maratha LI & Assam Rif etc. contribute to specific SF tasks on an ad hoc basis. I guess Pakistanis put up some like Afridi Rifles and even some tankers like Gen. Musharaff on SF duties on an adhoc basis. So a true comparission can never be determined permanently.
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PeregrinePike    Pakistani SSG Commando History... Re-assessment   2/14/2005 8:55:38 PM
... well my education continues and now I reassess the whole situation in a more realistic light: Political motivation is good to an extent (and I assumed it was to that extent in Pakistan), but recent reports show that in Pakistan it is actually way above the prescribed dosage... to point of being poisonous. My old sources are presently being questioned and new info emerging, mainly due to disclosures of ineptitude during Soviet-Afghan War that were covered up and only success highlighted for sake of fundings ;-) Still I will give Pakistanis the benefit of the doubt and place them as an EQUAL, but NOT BETTER!!!
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