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Subject: The future of Pakistan-whats going to happen?
piscean    2/3/2004 3:22:56 AM
Pakistan's rogue scientists and militia have been caught red handed for proliferating sensitive nuclear technology to states like Libya, Iran and N.Korea with their chief scientist A.Q Khan being suspended. What does the future hold for them?Will their nuclear assets be seized by force in the near future?will they face the fate of other tyrannic govts like Iraq and Afghanistan as Musharaff just doesnt seem to want to give chance to democracy ?will they face further dismemberment? One things for sure THEY WILL BE DEALT with! But whats most likely to happen? Anyone with the crystal ball?
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babloo    RE:The future of Pakistan-whats going to happen?   2/3/2004 6:08:21 AM
Anyway this is a repeat of my previous thread, but Piscean I doubt their is harly any answer from this board. I think this is all part of Mushrraf's plan to keep those secrets behind such an ugly program. I have to say "Even you are not blind, people are making things look blind". Just it is the case with Musharraf, how come he taking the super command in his military rule was not aware of his subordinates. All these facts only were exposed because of UN inspection in Iran otherwise even though US knows about such things it doe not police pakistan as it is doing now to most of the world. So as long as Musharraf remains a pet of US , there won't be any actions against pakistan. I see that India when it becomes econmic superpower then things will start rolling down for US and whatever India action against pakistan will not be interfered by US. So be patient and wait for 30 or 40 years more to see what happens. Until then all things will run according US wish.
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Pashtun    RE:The future of Pakistan-whats going to happen?   2/8/2004 9:24:52 PM
I think it's time for Indians to stop talking about issues concerning Pakistan beacause they have no idea what they are saying.
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AtillaHun    RE:The future of Pakistan-whats going to happen?   2/9/2004 6:28:17 AM
The Pakistani scientists questioning is only the tip of the murky iceberg, as stated by the sec-gen. of UN, Kofi Anan. Dr. Khan has been pardoned by an angry gen. Musharraf who is in a bit of a dillema. Dr. Khan is a national hero to the Pakistanis. He gave them an entry into the nuke club. I don't think the ttop brass in Pakistan can rest now. The IAEA is breathing down their backs. The newspaper Al-Hayat has reported that the AlQuaeda may already have a nuclear device. This seems a bit far fetched although the possibility does exist. The porus Afghan border is a busy place. Pakistan may have to let in inspectors, not now, not soon but sooner or later.
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babloo    RE: pashtun lol   2/9/2004 10:02:19 AM
you should Indians are neighbours and they are the ones who know about pakistan more than anyone else in this world. Likewise Paksitani's know lot more about India ... Indians will not stop talking because it is of their concern that alqaeda or even laden's pets one day will plan to drop nuclear bombs on India .. be serious about this issue
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hindustani pathan    the final verdict   2/10/2004 4:57:20 AM
nuclear technology and warheads should be handled with outmost care and security. we can't term some hands as 'wrong hands as every hand today is a wrong hand'. but the truth is that it is the responsiblity of the pakistani top brass to stop nuclear ' prasar'. a duty in which they have failed miserably. ISI always boats of it achievements. wonder where it was when khan sahib was selling nukes??
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