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Subject: Why China Is Mightier
SYSOP    1/31/2013 5:20:54 AM
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TonoFonseca    Except...   1/31/2013 8:04:19 PM

This article fails to mention a couple of things about India:

- India has greater ties with the Anglosphere

- India is more democratic than China, and democratic countries are more likely to back India.

- A long list of countries that also oppose Chinese ascendency - including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Russia, the USA, and a long list of others - would support India as a counterweight to Chinese power.

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WarNerd       2/1/2013 1:02:20 AM
On the polio front, the key is to get other countries to forbid entry to Pakistani's unless they supply proof of inoculation, especially Saudi Arabia. If they cannot go to the Hajj, Muslims will start questioning those imams who oppose vaccination.
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Belisarius1234    ROTFLMAO   2/1/2013 5:20:07 PM
At least try to be original with your lies, PRC guy.
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