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Subject: Vested Interest Scuttling India In Afghanistan
Softwar    6/18/2007 8:42:58 AM Vested interest behind scuttling India's role in rebuilding Afghanistan: Antony NEW DELHI, JUNE 18 (PTI) In a veiled reference to Pakistan, India today accused "vested interests" for scuttling role of New Delhi in rebuilding war-ravaged Afghanistan. Expressing concern over the resurgence of Taliban in Afghanistan, Defence Minister A K Antony said "certain vested interests are trying to scuttle our role in rebuilding Afghanistan. "We are committed to support this (rebuilding) process and help Afghanistan to emerge as a stable, democratic state," the Defence Minister said while inaugurating the two-day Unified Commander's-in-Chief conference here. India has already despatched a fresh batch of commondos to Afghanistan from the Indian Tibetan Border Police to protect the Indian projects and those working there. During his address to the top brass of Army, Indian Air Force and the Navy, Antony delved on the security scenario in the immediate neighbourhood and beyond. "The most crucial challenge facing is in the near future is growing instablity in our neighbourhood." He said the rising tide of religious fundamentalism and cross border terrorism continued unabated and this had affected "our regional securty environment too."
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iSoldier       6/18/2007 9:25:22 AM
Hinted this in United Kingdom Board's "Is Britian becoming a vassal state?"
Arrg... everybody makes spelling mistakes, but its very unprofessional to publish it!
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iSoldier       6/18/2007 9:28:29 AM
Sorry, it was "UK's vassal status re-affirmed" (another one of those struck-in-the-Middle-Ages slur threads to similar effect).
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