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Subject: Can India manage refugee problems?
enlighten    5/17/2007 9:26:02 PM
Given the state of affairs in neighbiouring countries,Can India manage to control the influx of refugees.In the south, Tamilnadu state is dealing with Tamil refugees forlong time. Some time these refugees pose law and order problem.Bangladesh under military rule, and unable to come to democracy will surely make more people to take refuge in west bengal. Unstable Pakistan will soon make its people to flee from pakistan to take refuge in India.This will make India in awkward situation where it cannot say no to any country.
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Red Shirt    Can India manage refugee problems?   5/18/2007 12:48:18 PM
Really India will have a tough time ahead. Elections are nearing in around 20 months, and the refugee problem would have made its effect on the people by that time. It is how each political prty responds to it.

Feeding the refugees of one more crore,  will not be a problem for India. It is producing & feeding its own people of around 120 Crore .

Hope India will emerge a winner with Humanity.

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