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Subject: New bill against Iran will form basis of China India alliance- megashift expected
Herc the Merc    3/13/2007 11:00:52 PM
If Dutch Shell moves forward with its proposed $10 billion deal with Iran, it will be sanctioned. If Malaysia moves forward with a similar deal, it too will be sanctioned. The same treatment will be accorded to China and India should they finalize deals with Iran. The corporate barons running giant oil companies - who have cravenly turned a blind eye to Iran's development of nuclear weapons - have come to assume that the Iran Sanctions Act will never be implemented. This charade will now come to a long overdue end. ______________________________ The above was a piece from Mr. Tom Lantos's proposed legislation. Note China has huge deals with Iran and is obviously not gonna walk away from $100 billion projects,INdia aneeds gas bad. Though actions against Iran are understandable the reality is this affects non-Iranian countries more than it is possible to bear. Sooner or later India and CHina will ally in search of energy -this bill was the biblical equivalent of the Kings of the East coming together and the 200million man army moving into the MIddle East. What a mistake.
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Herc the Merc    If this comes to pass   3/13/2007 11:10:15 PM
the era of Western domination is over, as the world gets polarized for gas and oil. There was a biblical prediction similar to this in , strange the only thing I agree with in the bible. The alliance of the Kings of the east marching into the Middle East. Natural gas is in every home in China and India and with every homeless man to cook their daily meal. Don't touch that......
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Herc the Merc    Famous last words   3/13/2007 11:18:41 PM
Marie Antoinette - they don't have bread let them eat cake
I guess the equivalent version for the author of this bill is
-they don't have gas let them get electricity from a nuclear power plant (if u didn't get the sarcasm-- here it is half the villages in INdia are not electrified so nuke power is useless without a transmission line and it is much more expensive).
Another historical lesson not learned by our elite---hungry stomachs overthrow goverments. Thgis time they may throw us(US) out.
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Herc the Merc    From   3/13/2007 11:42:52 PM

Bible prophecy (Rev. 9:16; Dan. 11:44) points to the development of a giant Eurasian world power, consisting of a 200-million-man army. This army, which could only be mustered by combining the military forces of Russia and China, plus other Asian neighbors, will initially compete with a European superpower, primarily for control of the Middle East (possibly for oil). Eventually, this Eurasian alliance will destroy the Beast power of the United States of Europe, during which a third of the world's population will be killed.

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Nanheyangrouchuan       3/14/2007 12:31:22 AM
Herc, you have successfully crossed into the Twilight Zone.
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Herc the Merc    But Nan if this comes true   3/14/2007 12:38:36 AM
I shall get Seer of the century award. Better than Nostradamus--
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tigertony    herc"The Destroyer of World's" merc   3/17/2007 9:24:40 AM
 Herc you should try reading the whole bible, because those "Kings of the East" will lose in the end, and the "Armies of Christ" will prevail!. But i guess you just ignore that part?.
 "And the beast shall make war upon the lamb,and the lamb shall overcome them". And since Christ was a man of peace it is he who is the lamb!.
                                                             Have A Nice Day!!!
 PS: You are correct about the next great war, but only because it will be fought over a shortage of resources,and i have already made that prediction on here long before you!
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Softwar       3/17/2007 10:51:22 AM

I shall get Seer of the century award. Better than Nostradamus--

Dude - what are you smoking?  It must be pretty durn good!
India just agreed to a joint military exercise with the US, Australia and Japan.  That does not sound like an Indian/PRC alliance is in the making.  You just don't know anyone inside the Indian government - or at least never met some of their military/inell people.  The PRC is the biggest backer of Pakistan - and they supplied the nuke technology to the Pakis.  Not something the long Indian memory is likely to forget.
Next time you suck down a few hits - pause and let it wear off - or at least stop coughing before you post something.
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AdvanceAustralia       3/19/2007 2:52:07 PM
Herc, you have really lost the plot this time (I mean again).

I don't know what drives these fetish fantasies you have for the PRC and India joining together in some unholy alliance and invading regions of the world in which they are unable to sustain military forces. Several SP contributors have explained to you in other threads just why India is not going to cosy up to the big, bad PRC. Softwar's explanation above is alone reason enough.

India and the PRC very well may become competitors in the purchase of energy but they won't be getting together to take it by force. That would prove a rather expensive, and inefficient, means of obtaining energy. If India needs gas it is welcome to buy it from Australia just like the PRC does. As Oz is one of the world's most politically stable nations the PRC saw fit to sign up to a 25-year deal. Given India is only a "stone's throw" from the North-West Shelf gasfields transporting LNG in tankers to India would cost less than getting it to the PRC.

A 200,000,000 man army in the foreseeable future? LOL. Sorry Softwar, but whatever Herc is smoking is really bad stuff. He should give it up straight away. Sure, the bible may say 200m but that is a strong indication the endtimes are a long way off. No alliance of even PRC, India and Russia combined could raise, train, equip, sustain and meaningfully deploy such a large force. Nor would they need an army this size.

Herc I respectfully suggest you find some loony left-wing blog on which to post. You can all drool uncontrollably together.


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Herc the Merc    Here Advance-Indias need, I am sure China needs twice as much-Can Oz provide?? I think not.   3/19/2007 3:54:39 PM

Demand for natural gas in India is expected to grow three-fold over the next few years. By 2012, the demand for gas is expected to grow from the current 120 million standard cubic metre per day (mmscmd) to 400 mmscmd. This includes both CNG and LNG. Currently, gas constitutes only 9 per cent of the Indian energy basket but is expected to increase to 20 per cent by 2025.

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Herc the Merc    And Advance Irans final price to Indias door is $7/mmbtu --can u beat that??   3/19/2007 4:01:14 PM

It was summarily turned down as an "overpriced" and "unviable" offer. Less than three years later, potential buyers from India -- including those who passed on the $4.5 offer -- are scrambling to buy LNG even at $7 or $8 per million British thermal units (mmbtu). It's a steal at that price: countries like Japan and South Korea are buying LNG at $11 and $20.

It's taken just three years to turn the market dynamics of the LNG industry on its head. With demand in India and China growing at 6-7 per cent a year, suddenly LNG is a suppliers' market.
Pakistan is Paying $4.7 or so and India $7 down the line. Thats a hell of a deal. See this is not a left wing view. It is purely hardcore right wing capitalism. India Pak China the unnatural allies  save Iran for cheap gas and oil. Simple. And oh BTW
India and China have lived 6000years together with only 1 war in 1962 and u think China and India can't be allies--they HAVE to be. Would it be smarter for Sino India to come closer just like Canada US & Mexico or fight with each other??? And softwar India exercises with everybody. There are ample articles that INdia may not ally with anyone.
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