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Subject: The Strategypage article about brahmos is wrong.
pun9ab1    2/7/2007 4:23:30 PM
"he 29 foot long, 670mm diameter missile is an upgraded version of the Russian SS-NX-26 (Yakhont) missile, which was in development when the Cold War ended in 1991. Lacking money to finish development and begin production, the Russian manufacturer made a deal with India to finish the job. India put up most of the $240 million needed to finally complete two decades of development. The PJ-10 is being built in Russia, with India as the initial customer. China and Iran have also expressed interest in the weapon, but only Malaysia, Chile, South Africa, Kuwait and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) have been approached with a sales pitch. The United States is eager to prevent Iran or China from getting the the BrahMos, which was originally developed as an aircraft carrier killer. That's why it has the high speed and elaborate guidance system. And that's why it's so expensive. A similar American weapon, the ATACMS rocket, also has a range of 300 kilometers, uses GPS guidance, and has a 500 pound warhead. ATACMS costs a million dollars each, but are not as fast and lack an elaborate terminal guidance system. The land version of BrahMos would be an effective coast defense weapon. For example, if the Iranians got several dozen land launched BrahMos missiles, they could pose a real threat to any ships using the Straits of Hormuz. In other words, the BrahMos missile could close those straits, through which most of the worlds oil supplies pass. Russia would benefit from that, because the price of their oil exports would climb. India would not like it, as they import oil from the Persian Gulf. India and Russia are both supposed to have a veto over who can buy BrahMos. So while Russia might like to sell Iran BrahMos, India would probably object. At the moment, the most likely targets for BrahMos are Pakistani. Against ships, you can justify a $2.3 million missile, but there are few land targets, within range of the BrahMos, that are worth the cost. Moreover, India has cheaper ballistic missiles for that sort of thing, as well as bomb and missile carrying jets. BrahMos was designed to hit a moving target, and do so at high speed, to make defensive measures less effective. To that end, India is developing the air launched version, which will be carried by its Su-30 fighters. There might also eventually be a cheaper land based version, using a less expensive guidance system (like GPS) for stationary land targets. India and Russia plan to manufacture about a thousand BrahMos over the next ten years, including those needed for export." First of all they are idiots for saying china is looking into buying brahmos. Why in the hell would India give brahmos and it's tech to china? just think about this. Also, about the sale of missiles to Iran. They ave a stupid aguent on that. India would be willing to sell those mssiles to Iran, but would be powered by United States. Why would India not sell the missiles to Iran? All Iran has to do is sign a good oil treaty with India and India will give brahmos to Iran anyday. This arctile is wrong and has incorrect argument on it.
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mithradates       2/7/2007 4:30:06 PM
Not to chime in with this, but the strategy page articles do seem to contain a lot of basic factual errors lately.  In 2 separate articles one on the J-10 and one on the JH-8, incorrect(not up to date) deployment and technical specs were posted.
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Herc the Merc    Hey lion from Punjab   2/7/2007 4:30:48 PM
I agree with u sooner or later India might have to sell Brahmos to Iran. Iran has a lot of say in India because of energy and its anti Taleban stance plus anti-pak in general.
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