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Subject: Russia pulls the plug on India exporting Brahmos independently-good idea
Herc the Merc    1/22/2007 12:17:02 PM
An inexperienced arms dealer like India could really screw it up.Nothing anti-Indian here just honest concern on Indian arms exporters ability to control the sale and end use or user. Russia not for exporting BrahMos to other nations "India is one thing; she is our strategic partner" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It can upset balance of forces in any region Its range could be extended from the current 300 km -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Moscow: Describing the BrahMos cruise missile, developed jointly by India and Russia, as ``highly lethal'' and capable of upsetting the balance of forces in any region where they may appear, a top Russian defence official has said Moscow was not keen on its export to other countries. Initially, Moscow and New Delhi agreed to jointly export it to ``friendly'' countries. However, recent aggressive marketing moves by the New Delhi-based company had drawn flak in Russia. ``This is a very lethal and potent weapon system, which can upset the balance of forces in any region," said Colonel-General Anatoly Mazurkevich . — PTI
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