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Subject: On Paki-stan
berdan2    1/1/2007 8:56:39 PM
The suffix -stan at the end of a country's name means "land of". So Afghanistan means "Land of the Afghans", Kazakstan means "Land of the Kazaks", etc. The Afghans and the Kazaks are ethnic tribal groups. Here's a hint: any country that has the sheer arrogance and misguided self-righteousness to call itself the "Land of the Pure" SHOULD NOT BE TRUSTED! Look back through history, and you'll see that the craziest, worst types of people, who caused some of the world's greatest suffering, called themselves things like that. The "Lord's Resistance Army" of Uganda is a horrible organization, and yet they see themselves as aligned with God. "God's Army" of Burma took a hospital and hundreds of sick patients hostage. They also try to see themselves as pure and doing God's work. The terrorist animals who took the Beslan elemantry school hostage and killed hundreds of innocent children in Russia shouted out "god is great" and also saw themselves as more pure than everybody else. So never trust anyone who is so self-righteous and arrogant that they call themselves "land of the pure".
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