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Subject: The inevitable 5th Pak-India war--the last one
Herc the Merc    12/26/2006 6:44:30 PM
1948, 1965,1971, 1999 Pakistan has started 3 wars and forced one war in 1971 to stop repression in now Bangladesh. What would ur take be if Pakistan starts another war. I think Pakistan has to be dealt with and split into 2 permenantly-Sindh friendly to India and Punjab. The major powers are recklessly re-arming Pakistan -witness US F-16s and even Russia providing engines to an extremely dangerous countries that has threatened to use nukes. So to the posters here how would India proceed with such a war-another issue will be the access to Iran and pipeline.
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pulkit_patriot    I dont think so..   12/27/2006 2:56:20 AM
I dont think that there would be another war, as both have nuclear weapons, which would help bring peace. Even if pakistan attacks first and nukes Delhi and Mumbai, all of its major cities would be reduced toes in an Indian counter-attack. Although the current chinese missiles possesed by the pakistani armed forces, outclass the indian ones. if pakistan attacks, its entire punjabi heartland would be destroyed by india's air force and very accurate prithvi missiles. therefore, perhaps none of them would want a war. Even if war does happen, pakistan is going to loose. Majority of its armed forces would be destroyed by the Indians and a lot of insurgents(like in Balochistan) would break off from pakistan making the situation more worse for it. Even muslim fundamentalists would take control and it would become much like the war torn regions of africa. It would also attract NATO which would send its forces to sieze pakistani nukes, fearing that al-qaeda and other terrorists may take them.
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berdan2       1/1/2007 8:44:38 PM
I think that there will be another war, and I have a feeling the pakis will start it.  I don't know whether it will be a full scale conventional war, or another kargil.  My guess is another kargil incident, where it will not escalate to the point of nucleur weapon use.  Sadly, if there is another war, India will not be able to truly destroy pakistan.  India will be able to kick paki butt, but won't be able to split pakistan into 2 different states or anything like that.  This isn't the 1800s, where it was totally acceptable to start a war and then change another countries borders on a whim.  Look at all the grief the US has gotten for the invasion of Iraq, and that was just to topple a government.  Moreover, the US is much stronger, a real superpower.  India does not have the international status of the US yet, though this may change in the next 50 years or so.  It won't be able to just abolish pakistan.  Sadly, now that pakistan is here, its here to stay, no matter how much grief it gives the world, and it is giving the world a considerable amount of grief, thanks to its madrassahs and all the terrorists. 
Iran is another country that the world should be weary of.  India should NOT get close to Iran.  They are like pakistan, but worse, and thats saying something.  Fortunately for India, while the major world powers ARE arming pakistan, they are also getting irritated by it, and are more and more attracted to India.  Weapons from the US and and the west are being approved for sale to India (the US approved the sale of F-16s and F-18s to India.  Moreover, they approved the sale of the upgraded version of the F-16 to India, but not to Pakistan), even if India isn't buying them yet.  And I hope Russia starts selling more and more to Pakistan, as Russian equipment is inferior to the West's weapons. 
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