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Subject: tigertony reply
olive greens    12/24/2006 12:58:00 PM
With regard to the post in "India vs Great Pakistan". . . I try not to perpetuate trollish topics, so I am a posting to your legitimate issue here.
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olive greens       12/24/2006 1:33:07 PM

Well now if i was both India and Pakistan i would be more worried about CCP and what they are going to do soon to both India and Pakistan!. CCP has already defeated India, and CCP is slowly taking control of Pakistan, which will soon if they continue supporting Islamic Terrorism be abandoned by the world!. Pakistan and it's people think CCP is their friend, while they will continue making you their puppet!. So Pakistan keep on allowing them to gain influence and pull your strings!. I wonder why India is now moving closer with the USA ?. And actually reality for both India and Pakistan is you both, with CCP help, will nuke eachother over Kashmir, which to CCP is a win win scenario!. While both your nations butcher eachother over Kashmir "CCP has already fought border wars with Russia,India,Vietnam,attacked the UN and the USA,and conquered Tibet,and soon Taiwan!.". Afterall to CCP all of Asia belongs to them already,or dont you people read their own military doctrines?
                                                               Have A Nice Day!!!

It is the straightforward thing to address today's problem today before trying to address what can conceivably be tommorow's problem. India, being a federated democracy, can only predict and plan for a limited foreseeable future. Pakistan is little more than a modernized tribal society and acts in an instinctive and short-sighted fashion common to most such primitive societies, but it is protected by a very professional military and nuclear forces nonetheless.

There is no way India can solve the Pakistani problem in 5 years (the term limit of an Indian government) before it has to face election again. There is no way Pakistanis can solve the Indian problem in 48-odd hours it takes for their drug-induced high to wear off. So both of them try to address today;s problem of survival today, and leave tommorow's fate to tommorow.

People know that it is a bit a naivee attitude in which to approach the problem of the highly centralized and far-seeing CCP. But the Indian people have made the decision that our democracy and freedom is more valuable than any hypothetical security afforded by a similarly centralized government. We  believe, like your Benjamin Franklin said, "People who are willing to compromise freedom for a bit of security deserve neither freedom nor security".

And things are not so bad either: India has invested in some very robust institutions. We might not have aces in holes (unlike CCP), but we do have some cards right there in the open that we can play in quite unconventional and war-winning manner.

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