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Subject: Getting India to YES for troops in Iraq
Herc the Merc    12/22/2006 6:36:34 PM
Unless this happens the American effort is definitely doomed in Iraq. Note the British lost Iraq in 1948 when India withdrew its troops from Ira after independence--the British troops were in a similar situation in a green zone in Baghdad. This is nothing new. This was a doomed war from time zero with just 140,000 troops. So what would it take to get India to agree?? Opinions.
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Herc the Merc    Rephrase-"doomed war"--"doomed post war occupation or governance"   12/22/2006 6:40:15 PM
Oops the war was won by USA but step 2 is a lost cause as of now. Winston Churchill had it right.
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olive greens       12/24/2006 12:00:24 PM

So what would it take to get India to agree?? Opinions.

For starters, as has been stated repeatedly, a United Nations resolution and promise of continued UN support to troops there. That has been the standard policy ever since Sri Lanka. Remember IPKF went in under Sri Lankan invitation, was operating so close to its own territory, there was quite little outside interference. . .  yet it turned out to be a very dirty quagmire, with every party stabbing India in turns. Then, if the US retains overall command, there are issues of what the command wants vs. what is available in India etc.

Of course, if US were able to get support from UN it opens up many more sources of peacekeepers other than Indians; then the usual benefits of an Indian peacekeeper would have to be weighed against the potential drawbacks (specific to Iraq and Islam) posed by his presence there.

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