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Subject: woman at least 120yrs old relishes dope & illicit liquor--Believe it or not
Herc the Merc    11/14/2006 1:01:11 PM
KENDRAPARA: She claims she is 125 years of age. Her voter's ID says she is 120. Under either case, Fulla Nayak is probably the oldest woman alive. And the secret of her longevity is stunning too. For in her own words, she loves smoking ganja and bidis as much as she relishes palm toddy and several cups of steaming hot tea. Fulla, who lives in Orissa's Kendrapara district, has never suffered any debilitating ailment. Despite her poor eyesight, she continues to walk without any support. Eight months after Guinness Book of World Records-certified Maria Esther de Capovilla the oldest living human on Earth, died in August at the ripe old age of 116, Fulla now wants to take her place in the Guinness book as the oldest person on the planet.
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