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Subject: INdia successfully reverse engineers Russian Cryo rockets- transferred by Yeltsin for Sukhoi contrac
Herc the Merc    10/28/2006 4:33:23 PM
India successfully conducts first cryogenic rocket test Bangalore, Oct. 28 (PTI): In a major breakthrough in its space programme, India today successfully conducted the first test of its indigenously developed cryogenic rocket engine at a facility at Mahindragiri in Tamil Nadu. "We had a very successful first cryogenic stage test at Mahindragiri at 6.20 pm. It is a major milestone in the development of rocket systems in the country," Indian Space Research Organisation Chairman G Madhavan Nair told PTI. The test at ISRO's Liquid Propulsion Centre at Mahindragiri lasted 50 seconds, he said. "Only developed countries have this stage. We have also qualified now," Nair said. "We will go for one more long duration test in the next three or four days which will make it ready for flight." The cryogenic rocket engine that ISRO successfully tested today was equivalent to the "Russian stage" supplied earlier, Nair said.
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Red Shirt       11/2/2006 8:57:44 AM

I think it was  a TOT, but not a reverse engineering.


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