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Subject: Indian aircraft Vs Pakistani Aircrafts
Mother of Pakistan    8/6/2005 6:58:54 AM
Now Ppple tell me with reference+dont insult contries and without ur countries pride tell me who would win F-16VsSu-35 Mig25sVsMig 30s Mirage 2000VsSu 30s Jf-17Vs iforgot whats your aircraft. with pilots experience.
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India_ROCKS    RE:Indian aircraft Vs Pakistani Aircrafts   8/6/2005 7:34:22 AM
1)get it right dude first su 30 mki won the award as the best bomber and multirole fighter in a washington air show it clearly defeated even f22 raptor in avionics. 2)we have mig 29s which are at par with f 16s in any aspect u can read about comparison anywhere 3)and dude we have many more mirage 2000 than u guys so no comparison on that 4)i donot know much about jf 17 only that that its comparable to migs. 5)we even have jaguars again one of the best in business. 6)we going to ger tu 22 bombers they are of same caliber as b2 bomber of usa from russia deal final 7)A large no. of alh are there 8)how can u forget about the slimmest and the most light multirole fighter of india the indigenous lca 9)the no. of aircrafts are more than 4 times the no. wid pak 10)fifth generation aircraft dvelopment talks wid russia 11)very soon india will buy either a usa or a russian anti aircraft and missile defence system talks are on...
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Mother of Pakistan    RE:Indian aircraft Vs Pakistani Aircrafts   8/6/2005 8:26:17 AM
We are getting things more than you.I forgot to to tell you we are getting things more than you did you forgot Russian deal.Tu 25 or lightnings we are going to buy dude and sewedish Gripen + we are going to buy 150 aircraft from not just just j-17 but more aircraft and anyways our fighters experience is more than ur pilots forgot Our pilots would fight to the death when someone would invade us.Muslim crountries would help like Suadi Arabia.It gived us oil in times of war like 1965 or 71 for free.Iran send aid to our people.We were not always lunky in these war when our people were starving who gaved them food it was Iran. HOw yo like that -MOP
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India_ROCKS    RE:Indian aircraft Vs Pakistani Aircrafts   8/6/2005 8:36:25 AM
dude dont go blahblah u know that ur defence budget do not allow u to come near india go and compare both iaf and paf on neutral websites u will get ur answer... and do not talk about courage i dont understand why pakis alwys say that tey are brave than anyone if it would have been why u lost 71 war and 93000 cowards surrender and brought disgrace to ur country india divided u accept it
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Mother of Pakistan    RE:Indian aircraft Vs Pakistani Aircrafts   8/6/2005 9:00:31 AM
You just go blabbing around for 1971 we talk 65 dude.That bangladesh was pain in the neck for us.Our whole money was going there.Read one of the Pakistani history not someone by Indian but by Pakoistani and you would know the answer,
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India_ROCKS    RE:Indian aircraft Vs Pakistani Aircrafts   8/6/2005 9:06:18 AM
saying ur own part a pain a big disgrace dude even we have problems wid bihar but if anyone attack it we will cut his throat and prefer dying thn surrender
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Mother of Pakistan    RE:Indian aircraft Vs Pakistani Aircrafts   8/6/2005 9:28:08 AM
my ideas are my ideas.We just hate them.I wish we could get a chance and bomb them with F-16 or mirages or missiles not nuclear.
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coolboyjay    RE:Indian aircraft Vs Pakistani Aircrafts   8/8/2005 1:35:15 AM
Come on MOP... U could have at least elaborated on the kind of aircrafts to be compared. 1. F-16. which one.. blk 52 or blk 60? The rest are worthless.. Anyway, you can't compare it to Su 35. A more apt comparision would be with the Mirage 2000. The F-16 has better BVR. Tht's it.. rest of it would be almost the same. If there is a confrontation.. it would boil down to pilot skill and Awacs.. BTW: U guys are gonna get the blk 52. And India does not have the su35. But our mirages should do the job pretty well. Now, the only other fighter u have worth mentioning is the JF 17. That can be taken care of by our Mig 21's.
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LogicalBuddy    RE:Indian aircraft Vs Pakistani Aircrafts   8/8/2005 5:25:52 AM
to MOP---dude..u r the only once who fights to defend your own question is...why are you comparing Indian Airforce and pakistani Airforce?? me..Indian Airforce is better and far more professional and u know it..but my question is ...In what way these 2 airforce fighters will be helpful in case of war??...i am askin this because pakistan will definetly use nuclear warheads on India in case of war....we will lose 1/4 of India and you will lose the whole of pakistan because Pakistan is the size of south indian states like Karnataka or Tamilnadu and india will immediately respond with nukes one bombed....Indian nuclear programme is plutonimu based which is far more detterent than the uranium based programme of in case of war and a nuclear exchange most of the electronic devices r gonna shut down and your planes will not be able to reach India from pakistan...nor will indian planes reach forget airforce comming to your rescue if you guys try any misadventure with india....why not concentrate on competing with corporate India and trying to be atleast half of what India is now?
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