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Subject: Millions of Hindus have converted to Islam but not one muslim has converted to Hinduism
Jai Hind    7/22/2005 3:55:05 AM
While millions of hindus have left the dark and paganism of hinduism to the more enlightened religion of islam and christianity but i have yet to find 1, just 1 example of a muslim converting to hinduism and in a democracy like india where there is religious freedom there must be plenty of examples of this happening can you hindus please tell me of such cases
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at_peace       6/20/2010 1:42:40 AM
It is God who chooses who converts and who stays on the right path. Everyone and everything else discussed here from forcing Islam onto another, is just an excuse. My family originated from India. So basically, we were once Hindus or Christians. Yes, I said 'were'. 
Looking back, I would like to congratulate that beautiful soul who became the first muslim in my ancestral lineage. Brought up in a western society things looked hard growing up. After studying Islam and understanding it, I now appreciate it even more. Islam gave freedom to women. Go read the history books. There was no inheritance for western women until a couple of hundred years ago. Women were seen as the sin, filth and were scorned at. It was Islam who lifted the status of women and modern society that degenerated it once again.  
A muslim women covering herself is so beautiful but you will not understand. Once, I was part of this modern society, where men treat you like an object on a supply line. I thank Allah for showing me the right path after I had gone astray. I wear the hijab and I pray that InshaAllah I am given the strength to don the niqab, too. Since the day I wore the hijab, men have distanced themselves and are more polite, pardon a few.
I cannot imagine myself anything but a muslim and I pray to Allah to keep me on this path for as long I live. Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a beautiful person. Please refrain from calling him names and degrading him. I ask Allah to soften those hearts that have hardened to let the beautiful message from penetrating within. We should not rely upon seeing 'god' as believing in God. Real belief is when you believe that which you have not seen. Real love is when you love that which you have not met.
I believe in Allah, who I have not seen and I love the most my Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who I have not met. I know that in the end, I will, InshaAllah, have the priviledge of both.
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Hindu4Life    HA HA   8/4/2010 7:06:07 PM
This post is totally pointless, why the heck are we even talking about Muslims converting to Hinduism or vice-versa. As a Hindu i would never dream of converting to anything (islam included), some will argue that i am stupid (namely an ex friend who was muslim when he called me a twat for not wanting to convert, strangly enough he is now a Christian). Funny how things work out.

But more importantly because which ever god there is out there (for me that Vishnu), he gave you life and the religion you have at birth, live with it and be happy with what your given.

I am personally really pissed off when people force conversation, by way of kidnapping, rape or even through simply trying to make people think their religion is wrong. One thing i have noticed is that whilst many Hindu turn to Islam (mainly through total misunderstanding of Hinduism and what we are about). About the same number of muslims convert away from Islam as do people convert to Islam.

Only as its against Islamic law to convert away, its not as popular news.
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Umer Yakoob    Umer Yakoob   8/18/2010 5:36:12 AM
Hello friend ! . I can answer your questions . But before that i would humbly like to ask you to remove your rage against we muslims for sometime" alt="" /> . . . . First of all you are aware of the fact that you can't find out even a single muslim who convert to Hinduism while there are millions of people who gets converted to Islam all across the world (like one of our brother pointed out on this site ) . Moreover Islam is the fastest growing religion across the world . Isn't this an interesting fact . Islam is not spread through Money power , sword or any other unfair means . People who come to Islam get convinced about The One Almighty God Allaah and his messengers (prophets).                                                                                                                               Now , coming to your question regarding Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) . To understand why Prohet Mohammad married young Aisha (R) you need to analyze the lifestyle of prophet asnd his marriages :                                                                                            
Name of Bride Bride?s age at marriage Comments
Khadija bint khawilad 40 Twice widowed before
Sauda Bint Zama 50 Widow
Aisha bint Abu Bakr 9 Started living with the prophet at the age of 9.
Hafsa Bint Umar bin Khattab 22 Widow
Zainab bint Khuzaima 30  
Umm-I-Salma bint Abu Umayia 26 Widow
Zainab Bint Jahash 38
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steadyfriend    Notable muslims who converted to Hinduism   10/28/2010 10:44:45 AM

Converted from Islam to Hinduism

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steadyfriend    Another muslim who converted to Hinduism   10/28/2010 10:51:43 AM
Shazia hey everyone! before I put my views out here I think I should introduce myself to avoid confusion hehe :) my name is Shazia and I converted to Hinduism from Islam. I was interested in this group, but only because I have some striking differences hehe!

I believe India should adopt more elements of Hinduism. If you think about it, India and Nepal are the only Hindu majority countries...and although India is secular and pluralistic, if traces of Hinduism are disappearing or eliminated, the whole religion is at risk. A lot of Hindutva really isn't completely racist or fascist. If you think about it, my ancestors, as well as like the majority of other Muslim families' ancestors, used to be Hindu...but we were converted! This means that all Indians share a similar Hindu or Dharmic heritage, which needs to be recognized and assembled for unity. what do you all think? I want to hear your views :) I hope I'm making sense!!!

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steadyfriend    Many more muslims convert to Hinduism   10/28/2010 11:01:08 AM

4102 persons converted to Hinduism in Kozhikode

May 11, 2007

Aged and young queue up before Arya Samaj

Sabeera, a 23-year-old Muslim woman hailing from Meenchanda, will now figure alongside film actresses Lissy and Annie for a crucial decision she took before entering into wedlock with a Hindu man in the neighbourhood.

Following the footsteps of those charming wives of film directors Priyadarsan and Shaji Kailas, Sabeera is in fact the latest applicant at the Kozhikode Arya Samaj, for a conversion to Hinduism.

With an authorisation from the government for issuing certificates of conversion to Hinduism, the Arya Samaj here has converted 4,102 persons to Hinduism since 1986.

Though being watched closely by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials for reasons better known to them, about 13 to 15 persons are getting converted to Hinduism at the Samaj in a month over the recent years.

"They are from all age groups, from almost all other religions, and sometimes an entire family would turn up to embrace the ancient dharma," says B Ranaveer Singh, the secretary of the Kozhikode Arya Samaj.

"It's rather a reconversion. A chance for a comeback for those who had left Hinduism to embrace other religions," he asserts.

Conversion to Hinduism had been taking place here ever since the Arya Samaj branch was set up in 1922 by Pandit Rishiram who came here from Punjab.

"Somewhere between 16,000 and 18,000 conversions have been recorded in the early years when my father was the secretary after Rishiram."

Ranaveer Singh has taken charge after his late father Buddha Singh, a native of Bijinore near Ayodhya in UP.

The conversion ceremony, he says, is not a time consuming affair. "It's a sudhi karma (purifying ceremony) which may take one to one-and-a-half hour for completion. The applicant will have to render hymns from the four Vedas during the homam."

One among the four places in the state for conversion to Hinduism (the other three include Dayananda Salvation Mission, Ramadasa Mission and Ayyappa Seva Sangham - all in Thiruvananthapuram), Arya Samaj was included in the list through a government circular dated December 15, 1987 based on a government order dated March 19, 1985.

"However, we are authorised only to issue certificates of conversion to Hinduism and nothing on the caste," Singh points out. After getting converted to Hinduism, one may approach organisations like SNDP or NSS, citing family origin with substantial evidence.

"They will have to fetch a community certificate from the village office before getting it published in the government gazette."

The most attractive feature of certificate issued by Arya Samaj: It will provide an entry into Hindu temples anywhere in the country.

May be Devaswom Minister G Sudhakaran and his retinue, who are taking devotion beyond the confines of religions, are listening.

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steadyfriend    Yet more muslims convert to Hinduism   10/28/2010 11:11:26 AM

Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind at the service of Hindutva?
By Shamsul Islam

The editorial in the Hindi organ of the RSS Panchjanya ('Initiative of Dialogue', February 1, 2004) was first to uncover the series of secret parleys taking place between the RSS and Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind (JUH). It disclosed that such meetings were in fact continuing for last one and half years. The editorial went on to disclose: "The series of meetings have not been confined to Delhi only. In states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Jammu-Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana etc. such dialogues have taken place." It seems that formal resolutions subscribing to the Hindutva agenda were passed after the conclusion of each of these meetings as Panchjanya discloses: "During these dialogues taking place throughout the country such resolutions were jointly passed which underline the honour of Bharat. Resolutions like ban on cow-slaughter, forceful suppression of terrorism, to be vocal against false secular elements, and not indulging in any anti-national activity were passed."

After this exposure the JUH has justified these secret talks by arguing that this exercise was the need of the hour to clear misunderstandings between Hindus and Muslims. Interestingly, JUH in order to justify secret talks with the RSS top brass reproduced an old editorial ('Purify Hearts' in the weekly Aljamiat February 6-12, 2004) from its now defunct organ Daily Aljamiat( [later resurrected as a weekly] of July 13, 1949.

After this exposure the JUH has justified these secret talks by arguing that this exercise was the need of the hour to clear misunderstandings between Hindus and Muslims. Interestingly, JUH in order to justify secret talks with the RSS top brass reproduced an old editorial ('Purify Hearts' in the weekly Aljamiat February 6-12, 2004) from its now defunct organ Daily Aljamiat( [later resurrected as a weekly] of July 13, 1949. This editorial in the post-Partition days pleaded for rapprochement between ordinary Hindus and Muslims who fed by ordinary propaganda mistrusted each other. This editorial originally intended to make common Hindus aware of the pitfalls of falling prey to the propaganda of communal organizations like the RSS and Hindu Mahasabha against Muslims was now being used by the JUH top brass to enter into unprincipled deals with the same Hindu communal elements. The whole thrust of the JUH's defence of these talks has been that there are genuine misgivings of the RSS about Muslims and these talks are a must for clearing all misgivings.

It was soon apparent that the RSS was not willing to make any change in its anti-minority stances whereas JUH was going out of the way to oblige the RSS in securing legitimacy for its pet agenda. This kind of knee-jerk response from JUH was clearly visible in a 'Fatwa' decreed by Darul Uloom Deoband and sponsored by it against cow-slaughter on February 1. This 'Fatwa' immensely helped the RSS propaganda that Muslims were the real culprits behind beef-eating and that the beef-eating had started with the arrival of Muslims. It sidetracked the issue that Aryans were fond of beef as history has recorded and presently "Hindu" Dalits who needed it as a cheap food full of proteins mainly consumed it. The Ulema who were made to resurrect this 13 year old "Fatwa" decreeing that "the law of the land should not be violated and peace should be maintained in the country" immensely helped the RSS propaganda that Muslims were greatly indulging in cow slaughter. The sense of joy of the top brass of the RSS that now Muslims were seeing reason was clearly visible in Pravin Togadia's statement when reacting to the "Fatwa" he said (Organizer, February 15, 2004) that "such a bold step has not been taken during the last one thousand years". It further strengthened the RSS thesis that treatments like the Gujarat Carnage 2002 were the real solutions that would bring Muslim leadership to its senses (or knees). JUH was simply helping the RSS in its fascist game of Hindutva.

It did not take long to realize how the RSS was willing to address the apprehensions of Muslims. On February 15, VHP organized a Dharma Sabha in the Andheri Deori village of Beawar region of Rajasthan in which 586 Muslim families were converted to Hinduism. The significance attached to this programme of the RSS can be gauged from the fact that a senior leader of the RSS Ashok Singhal personally presented 'tulsi' garlands and Ramcharitmanas to 3000 erstwhile Muslims admitting them into Hindu fold. In another state, MP, run by a senior 'Sadhvi' of the RSS, Uma Bharti, two cities with substantial Muslim and Dalit populations, Maheshwar and Amarkantak were declared to be totally free of eggs, meat and fish. Iro
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steadyfriend    Yet more muslims convert to Hinduism   10/28/2010 11:19:10 AM

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hinduism slowly growing in Kerala



Unlike other places in India, where hinduism is diminishing with steady pace with enmasse conversions and all, the picture in kerala seems quite different.

I have seen more and more non-hindus of kerala getting interested in hinduism. There have been unconfirmed reports of several muslims converting to hinduism.

In my village, there were two muslim girls who adopted hinduism. Also, my team leaders wife who was a muslim, converted to hinduism.

But these all owes to marriages rather than faith itself.

But then I saw reports of conversion of Hassan Pallakode and six other muslims. Then There was also a TV report about the son of a muslim moulvi who became a hindu sage.

Arya Samaj of calicut seems to have met decent success in gaining converts as well.

I think, we will soon see a resurgence of hinduism in kerala.

The credit goes to the bridging of caste divide in kerala soceity. People in Kerala live in an environment where they can think of Hindu Philosophy without alluding to the caste system and other social evils.

But sadly, our numbers will get further dipping outside kerala. But atleast, we have something to rejoice in kerala context.



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steadyfriend    21,000 more muslims revert to / embrace Hinduism   10/28/2010 11:28:20 AM
Nearly 21,000 Muslims Embraced Hinduism
14/01/2009 14:05:02  

Development of villages is must for development of the country—Shiv Prakash

Courtesy: />

A total of 21 Prathamik Shiksha Vargas were held across Uttarakhand
from December 26, 2008 to January 2, 2009. According to RSS Uttarakhand
Prant Pracharak Shri Shiv Prakash some of the vargas were held in
remote areas. Members of Prant Karyakarini attended all the camps. Shri
Shiv Prakash himself attended ten camps. A total of 2,182 swayamsevaks
from 700 places participated in the camps.

Addressing the swayamsevaks at SGRR Inter College at Bhauwala
in Dehradun, Shri Shiv Prakash said swayamsevaks are today engaged in
various constructive activities. One of them is development of
villages. He pointed out that swayamsevaks have adopted about 800
villages of the country for their total development. Swayamsevaks are
striving hard to raise the standard of education and living and are
disseminating awareness about the protection of environment there. The
children who do not go to schools are inspired to go to schools. He
emphasised the village temples should not merely be the place of
worship but they should also be the place of infusing a sense of
harmony into the people where people learn to co-operate one another.

He said the Hindus should also embrace the Muslims whose
ancestors were Hindu and a large section of them are willing to come
back to their roots. He pointed out that about 15000 Muslims embraced
Hinduism on December 25, 2008 in Agra and about 6000 Muslims were
brought back to Hinduism at Roorkee in Haridwar last year.
This process
should go on. He said the yugdharma says the Hindus should accept the
Muslims who want to come back to Hinduism. 

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steadyfriend    My reply to Jai Hind   10/28/2010 12:24:13 PM
Hello Jai Hind ( I take it you are a muslim),
I am sorry I am so late in replying to a question you raised five years ago. The reason is that only now have I stumbled across that question.
I have provided several instances above of muslims converting to Hinduism. I personally know of a few muslims from the former Soviet republics which are muslim majority states and in central Asia (viz. Tajikistan) who have joined ISKCON and become Hindus ( i.e. Sanatan Dharam). There are many cases in India where muslims convert to Hinduism but keep quiet about it for fear of retribution by their former co-religionists (remember, the hadiths recommend death for apostasy in Islam ?).
I hope you have now got the answer you were seeking.
Om Shantih, shantih, shantih !
.......... Steadyfriend
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