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Subject: true CIWS anti-missile abilities
doggtag    7/5/2004 2:04:19 PM
This post borrows off several others, and I am brining up the subject that, despite criticisms that the US has not pursued supersonic ASM platforms like Russia, India, and China have, my question is: are those nations (specifically China's) CIWS/ short range AA capable enough to bring down salvoes of US Tomahawks, Harpoons, Mavericks, and other western ASMs? (everything from UK Sea Skuas to French Exocets). Sort of the Russian 30mm gun systems and developments of their lighter SAMs, I haven't seen as many dedicated CIWS platforms in Chinese service such as the western navies (Phalanx, Goalkeeper, SeaGuard, SeaRAM, SeaWolf, etc). Does anyone know just how capable chinese CIWS are, or if they are lacking in this area, or if they are more favoring ECM tech instead?.
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