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Subject: Classes of SAMs
Roman    6/23/2004 11:54:45 PM
How are Surface to Air Missiles classed? From what I have read so far the classes are as follows (along with examples): MANPADs: Stinger, Javelin, Strela Short Range SAMs: Rapier, SA-8 Medium Range SAMs: SA-6 Long Range SAMs: Patriot, SA-12 Intermediate Range/Theater: My own new category - eg. THAAD Intercontinental Range SAMs: My own new category - Ground Based Interceptors of the US NMD Shield - they do have intercontinental range! Further ways of classifying SAMs: Low Altitude: Stinger, Strela, Javeling Medium Altitude: SA-6 High-Medium Altitude: Patriot, SA-12 High Altitude: THAAD Point Defence: Stinger, Strela, Javelin Area Defence: THAAD Continental Defence: My own new category - eg Mid-course Intercepter of the NMD Shield Feel free to correct me or add more classes.
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Roman    RE:Classes of SAMs   6/24/2004 9:38:25 PM
Further Classification: Land Based versus Naval
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blacksmith    RE:Classes of SAMs   6/24/2004 10:08:25 PM
You'll also see SHORAD and VSHORAD (Short Range Air Defense and Very Short Range Air Defense).
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Galderio    RE:Classes of SAMs   7/5/2004 8:30:13 AM
If the s-400 works, in what class will you put it. Remenbering it is supose to have 400km range, far more than the MEADS, THAAD and the Arrow . And they say it will have the capability to manouver out of the atmosfer.
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Roman    RE:Classes of SAMs   7/5/2004 7:59:25 PM
Great point blacksmith!
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Roman    RE:Classes of SAMs   7/5/2004 8:01:47 PM
Galderio - I would class the S-400 as a Theater/Intermediate Range SAM. Yes, it does have a longer range than some of the other systems in the same class, but not enough to be in the Intercontinental/Strategic SAM class. If it works as advertised it would be perhaps the best system in the Theater/Intermediate Range class of SAMs.
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Galderio    RE:Classes of SAMs   7/6/2004 9:14:43 AM
Yes! But do you know something about the Ground based interceptor anti-aircraft capabilities( maybe high altitude targets). If it can only handle ballistic missiles( and that is already too much)I think we can not compare it with Partiots and s-300. Just because it is not a complete air defense and you will need other systens as complement or to protect then.
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Galderio    RE:Classes of SAMs   7/6/2004 9:59:59 AM
We can call the GBI as surface-to-space missile, since it can not hit anything in the air and would let you vulnerable even to WWI biplane bombers.
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Roman    RE:Classes of SAMs   7/6/2004 6:32:16 PM
Hmm, I suppose it could be called a surface to space missile... but not an ASAT as it does not have the capability to reach orbit (to the best of my knowledge). I did not distinguish between anti-ballistic and anti-aircraft missiles in the classification, but it could be another way of classifying them. Many new missiles, however, have both capabilities, albeit the ballistic ones tend to be limited.
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