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Subject: usah versus the iaf: ex cope india
halberd7    4/22/2004 6:32:03 AM
the recently concluded Ex Cope India 2004 at Gwalior , India saw 6 USAF f15Cs taking on the IAF SU30Ks, M2000H, BISON(M21) and M29s. It was a great excercise.........but the USAF played smart here by playing dumb at times to give the IAF an edge at times and thus making them expose their tactics for the kill as well as ESM data about the radars of the BISON (Kopyo) and Su30k (Noo1)......well hence the press reports stating IAF overkill can be viewed in this light as well.....good show USAF...and the IAF
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masquerader    RE:usah versus the iaf: ex cope india   6/23/2004 4:00:50 PM
I wish to differ from halberd7's apparently easily impressionable mindset of a deliberate playdown of tactics by the USAF. He makes it sound like 'The Grapes were sour'. Perhaps it would be pertinent to mention here that when you are involved in war games you never underplay. For this is the time you can really simulate exercises to what could be the closest to real life scenario. And believe you me -- No one no matter how god would ever like to be shown down. Ask the Pilots of the USAF if they enjoyed being shot down even if it was deliberate. It is very akin to a sparring bout where you jab at the opponent promising not to hurt him... but when you get a cracking punch you lose your control and let loose .. cause baby no matter what you would like for the other to know who is boss. It might also be pertinent to note that India and Israel are the only two Air Forces in the which have such exacting standards laid out for their Pilots thus churning out the best Pilots in the world. At this point I may also state that the USAF should not be undermined as they have technological superiority, even if they are a little sloppy at their tactics (possibly due to an inherent indoctrination that they are probably invincible.. allowing complacency?).
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USN-MID    RE:usah versus the iaf: ex cope india   6/23/2004 5:17:19 PM
I disagree, considering USAF/USN pilots have been deliberately told to play "dumb" during COMBAT. In Persian Gulf they received orders NOT to give their tactics away. As a result, you saw surprisingly little ACM and they relied on the AWACS to give them superior shooting position. Not saying that that is the case here. I'm just saying it's happened before in combat.
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