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Subject: American & Russian/Soviet SAM systems
Kalashnikov    4/27/2003 11:54:28 AM
Does anyone know what the American equivalent would be to the Russian's most modern Surface to Air Missile system (SA-19 Grison)?
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Nuker    RE:American & Russian/Soviet SAM systems   4/27/2003 12:16:42 PM
sorry can't help
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Final Historian    RE:American & Russian/Soviet SAM systems   5/1/2003 12:16:27 PM
The latest version of the Patriot perhaps? The US may not have a equivlent SAM, as perhaps it was felt that having air superiority was better. Not sure, I will see if I can find this out.
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Kalashnikov    RE:American & Russian/Soviet SAM systems   5/1/2003 12:25:20 PM
Thanks for your input, F.H.
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11b10    RE:American & Russian/Soviet SAM systems   5/1/2003 9:46:10 PM
The Stinger is the nearest match.The stinger has a higher ceiling,about the same range.The SA-19 is radar controled the Stinger is Thermo-smart fire and forget.Also I think the SA-19 is mounted in tandem with radar controled 30 mm guns.
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Final Historian    RE:American & Russian/Soviet SAM systems   5/2/2003 2:53:36 AM
The stinger is a man portable SAM. So is the SA-7. I think that the SA-19 is a wee bit bigger than a Stinger, and in a totaly different class.
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11b10    RE:American & Russian/Soviet SAM systems   5/2/2003 1:31:55 PM
Don't you sleep FH? The stinger may be in another class because of the SA-10 Guidance,Warhead size and and its .5 mach advantage in speed.But these Differences have limited its range and ceiling and hit ratio,.65.The next step up for the US Ground Launched SAM,is the CLAWS which should be deploying now.But it is two generations above the SA-19 in design,Triple the range and ceiling. It is a ground launched ARAAM really.
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11b10    RE:American & Russian/Soviet SAM systems(correction)   5/2/2003 1:48:28 PM
*SA-10 Guidance* Should read *SA-19 Guidance*
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