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Subject: Luftmelkdekorpset disbanded
Thomas2    4/11/2004 1:12:06 PM
This is a double posting. On April 3rd Luftmeldekorpset in Denmark was disbanded. The same day the Baltic nations joined NATO - apart from postponing it so the stand down didn't fall on april foolsday - us volunteers would have thought it a joke. For the last decade some of us have been trying to hand the torch on to the Baltic countries, but they have apparently chosen a different way. I only hope, if they reconsider, that there will be enough of us left to even the way for them. To me, as a long serving member of Luftmeldekorpset, it is a very proud day: We volunteers have achieved the highest a soldier can: To dissuade an agressor from his evil intend by our mere presence and training activities and our ability to cooperate with other arms and a host of allies. The number of allied squadrons, regiments and their nationalities are to many to be named and thanked separately, but they be all thanked as we put our binoculars in the casing for the last time. Thank God we never had to have the butchery in our skies, we hope the Baltic will remain as unpoluted of vicious aluminium as ours.
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scientificadviser    RE:Luftmelkdekorpset disbanded   4/22/2005 3:10:08 PM
Dear Thomas2 Sincerely do I regret the passing of the LMK, as I did that of thr ROC in Britain. I constructed a short history of the ROC some years ago (go to or .com and look for the ROC badge) and it still has visitors. There remains a need for trained volunteers to serve in a crisis, watching for hazards and reporting them to local or central government agencies. Unfortunately, such a scheme, however cost-effective, tends to be disregarded, as equipment has to be paid for by government. However, the spread of mobile handsets with built-in cameras does make it possible to have a cheap reporting network that needs little but contact numbers, training on consistent and effective message-passing and basic observation. Maybe such simple methods could be discussed as a way to revive both the LMK and the ROC. Global warming will cause more turbulent and extreme weather conditions, so effective local observation may make its contribution when dealing with floods, heavy snow, wind-storms or similar conditions. I invite discussion of this concept.
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Thomas    RE:Luftmelkdekorpset disbanded   4/27/2005 11:06:38 AM
Well I like the idea, that we won so we are not needed any more, besides the members of the LMK are getting old; but I'll get back to You - I agree very much with your basic idea...
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