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Subject: Is it Roland or SA-16/18 taking out A-10s ?
macawman    4/9/2003 11:43:20 AM
JFD contends that a French Roland SAM system took out the A-10. I believe that was based upon finding Roland parts & equipment at the Baghdad Airport. From the small amount of blast damage to the jet engine that I saw on one of the damaged A-10s, would indicate a small warhead like the 1.2 kg of the SA-16 not the 6.5 kg warhead of a Roland. Also the Mardar chasis of the Roland is too conspicuous to survive any length of time in the intense recon/combat zone of Baghdad. Euromissile Roland SAM; France Roland ADS Low Altitude Surface-to-Air Missile System Marder 1 chassis. Crew: 3 Max road speed: 70 km/h Range: 520 km Combat weight: 32,500 kg Power-to-weight ratio: 18.5 hp/t Ground pressure: 0.93 kg/cm² Length: 6.915 m Width: 3.24 m Height: 2.92 m Ground clearance: 0.44 m Armament: 2 Roland-2 SAMs Launch weight: 66.5 kg Warhead: 6.5 kg HE Max speed: 500 m/s Max effective range: 6,300 m Min effective range: 500 m Max effective altitude: 5,500 m Min effective altitude: 10 m Reload time (from magazines): 6 s Roland Radar Low Altitude Surface-to-Air Missile System Marder 1 chassis is used to mount the Siemens MPDR 3002-S 2D radar system. Frequency: E-band (2 to 3 GHz) Range: 30 km
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Heorot    RE:Is it Roland or SA-16/18 taking out A-10s ?   4/9/2003 1:16:11 PM
I suppose the French will claim it for the Roland just a they claimed a Harrier during the Falkland War. BS then and BS now.
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