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Subject: Make Way for the BattleBlimps!
Phoenix Rising    11/12/2002 1:05:25 AM
This just appeared in the Times of London; sounds like an outstanding idea, I just wondered if anyone else knew where I could find a more in-depth analysis of it (costs, drawbacks, other advantages):,,3-477539,00.html Star Wars airships By Tim Reid THE Pentagon has turned to technology first used in Napoleonic France to defend the United States from attack in the 21st century: the giant airship. Sixty-five years after the Hindenburg disaster sent the airship’s prospects crashing to the New Jersey earth, Pentagon officials plan to ring the American continent with giant unmanned craft to spot incoming missiles and aircraft. The US Missile Defence Agency has asked the country’s largest military contractors to develop a high-altitude airship that can float at 70,000ft, aiming to have an operational fleet by 2010. The agency, charged with protecting America from ballistic missiles, has given the companies until February to submit designs. In the post-September 11 world, the technology could also enhance monitoring terrorist activities on the ground, the Pentagon believes. Each airship would carry 40ft radars with a sweep of about 750 miles, ringing the US coastline. Initially they would not carry weapons, but the Pentagon hopes that later they could use lasers to attack missiles, a marriage of Great War and Star Wars technology.
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giblets    RE:Make Way for the BattleBlimps!   11/12/2002 3:28:02 AM
Janes has more info on the subject, except you may not be able to read it unless you have subscribed to the journal
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